Saturday, July 17, 2010

Updates & A Lazy Kitten

It's hot and extremely muggy yet again. We were pounded hard yesterday with storms and I swear we have 200% humidity today :(
The sad part -- the heat index ain't but about 90 and it's just plain sweltering.

The kitten...I call her Blizzard, but Jenn is determined to make a "lady" out of her and calls her Rose. She's not albino, but there's not a hair of any color besides pure snowy white. She'll be a good mouser...slightest little thing wiggles on the floor and she attacks like a lion. Hope she continues to feel that urge when the weather turns and the community of barn mice decide to visit us here.

Nothing much going on here really. Been sewing and making some progress. Brought that hay in last weekend and will get 3 more this coming week again. They are HUGE round bales, to me anyway, at around 1100#.

And let me tell you...hand schlepping those babies is NO picnic! Oh, my kingdom for hay forks!!
A bale that large just doesn't roll well. It popped the trailer off the hitch of the tractor slick enough. We'll need a better plan this next time around to relocate the next 3 bales from the trailer to the pallets for storage. Any ideas?

That's probably all from my neck of the hinterlands. We'll be saying so long to ol' Columbus this week...still a few worksheets to do because we took a break a couple of days this week to watch some Columbus documentaries we found on Netflix. The best one: Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus. I'll finish printing the lapbook components we've pulled together and make sure we have the right number of copies for the various age levels of notebook pages and we'll start off the end of the month. I want to order the Colonial Life set from Homeschool in The Woods as well. We don't have to start right off with it, we can add it in as we go along so no big hurry. It's a 6 week unit and I've added a good 2 weeks of goodies already. The true beauty of time constraints :)

What are you planning for this coming week?


Treasures Evermore said...

Here on the homestead has been busy today...pressure washing everything in sight:-)...picked cherries from our tree and baked a cheesecake...but that's about it.

Have a great evening.

Stephanie said...

Is there anyway to set up some sort of come-a-long or pulley system to help move the bales? Just a thought.

We are getting ready to start world history for school, and gearing back up into a more normal schedule...the last month has been hit or miss.


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