Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hmmmm...An Update, such as it is...

Well, I suppose my same ol' comment about the oil spill wasn't so noteworthy afterall, seeing as the post I had earlier today seems to have vanished without a trace and didn't post..even though I posted it this morning long before I left.  Oh well, BP isn't that high on my list of worthwhile topics anyway...

I had a full FULL day of errand tending.  All the bills are taken care of that require my in-person dealings, and I have the materials needed for our lapbooks, notebooks and what-not for school (LOL...good thing I paid bills before hitting places like Staples, OfficeMax, Sam's Club and even The Dollar Tree!!  We might have been without electricity and water if I'd reversed my errands today!)  I spent too much money, really, but I found such great deals already on school things and well, to be honest, I'm an office/school supplies addict
 There ought to be a 12-Step Program for it.  I'm just saying. 

In my defense, I really didn't expect school supplies to be hitting the stores in full sale price mode this early!  I thought I was safe from the sale price temptation that haunts me...because I won't pay full price for notebook paper and binders, folks.  I just won't do it.  I might feel a bit of a pull toward the temptation, but I stand strong...until the good prices arrive.  And, being early July, I'm sure there will be better prices yet, but I hit on some great buys today and I couldn't pass them up.  I got card stock for the Jamestown Replica we're going to make, thought about card stock for the lapbook pieces, but opted for colored cover stock instead...not a clue what it is really, but seems like just plain ol' colored print paper, just thicker than normal and thinner than stock.  I bought the color pack of reds/oranges/yellows, and one of blues/greens.  I just mentally connect Colonial Days, Pilgrims, Indians and such with rich autumn shades ;o)  So, we have file folders, glue sticks and packing tape and double stick tape, colored pencils, crayons, homemade water colors and markers, card stock and cover stock, pencils, erasers, scissors, notebook paper and spirals...not a full year supply by any stretch the way these guys roll through supplies, but we have a good dent in the start, that's for sure.  Besides, couldn't buy everything we need...what would Grandma stick in her goodie boxes if I did that??

But, common sense (and great map routing skills) prevailed and though I spent more than I probably should have, I got all the monthly bills paid first, moved a bit over into the savings piggy bank, have my hay money ready to go this weekend, and even filled my van plum full of gas...and I rarely rarely do that. I have this aversion to paying near $80 for a tank of gas, and we really have no where we need to be anyway so a $20 1/4 of a tank suits me fine.  This week, though, I need to haul a trailer hither and yon and bring it home loaded with hay, so extra gas was needed...and it was too close to $80 for my stress level.

LightHome Publications is offering their Artistic Nature Magazine at a great price...6 issues for $7.50!  If you've never checked them out, please do.  If you have a child with even an ounce of interest in nature and art, you've got to get these (or any of the LightHome resources really).  You'll love them, I'm sure. Here is their sampler...check them out and them order a years' subscription and check out the other resources they offer too!

I also posted some great links for Earth Science and such on the school blog today...Our Plain and Simple School.  I seem to be updating things there, and even here, far more often than on the Kitchen & Pantry blog these days.  It's not as though we aren't eating and trying new recipes and such.  I'm just a lazy blogger, I guess.  I had to call my aunt...yet again...for the same recipe I always call her for.  And I've written it down a zillion times, planted it here and there, just so I can lay my hands on it when I need it.  And the worst part is, it's a no-brainer recipe with only 3 (well 4...) ingredients!! 

It's just a brine for cucumbers...1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup water.  Slice and pack the cukes in a jar, cover with the brine and chill.  

Just downright SIMPLE....and every year I have to call and ask for it again. it's here.  Maybe next year I won't have to go begging for it again, heh?

Oh...I stayed away from Amazon :o)  Ahh, another triumph of common sense over temptation.  Dewey decided the other day that he needed to buy up stock in CurrClick and Amazon so he could recoup some of his paycheck losses.  Funny, funny man I married, heh?  Fancies himself a comic or something I suppose.  I offered to start making my purchases and wish lists in the flesh at Books-a-Million...that snapped the comedian right out of him let me tell you.  Even I know it's a dangerous thing to allow me into BAM without adequate supervision...and a padlocked purse!  Ohhh, the books I have on my wish lists....He could work 90 hrs a week and still not allow me safe passage through their doors, even with the educator card!


Mrs. Arrow said...

Oh darlin'! I KNOW what you mean about office supply stores. Hubby and I think there should be a sandwich counter in everyone so you can grab a bite and a cuppa before going back for more!
Have a great weekend. Peace.

Life of a plainlady said...

I love office thingys too. Just wish the budget matched the wish list!


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