Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday July 2nd :)

Well, the menfolk are in, dinner's done, and they are cleaning out the grill and fins on the a/c unit...while the cat eyeballs the opening in the wall, pondering escape :o)

The farm market apparently opened this morning. They are back to Mon-Wed-Fri open dates this year, so we'll have plenty of options. We probably won't go start until a week from Monday, and see how it goes. I'm thinking Mondays and Fridays, otherwise we'll be baking every day. Might just aim for Fridays, I don't know. Wednesdays are out as we go get water.

Ok...what is your favorite go-to thingamabob for house cleaning duties? A Swiffer? A hand vac? Your homemade cleaner that smells like oranges? LOL...A maid service?

Mine? I gotta have my stiff hand brush. With little wild Chihuahua mixes in here and fans going 24/7, the minute they jump on the couch, I feel like I've developed a wolfman complex (although Hugh Jackman is cute and all, I'll pass, thank you...). My little hand brush does a lot of tasks around here:
Grabbing dust bunnies hiding among the bookcase legs...
Scrubbing dust (and perhaps those dog hairs, if they indeed do exist) from the furniture...
Cleaning the a/c intake filter weekly...
Wiping ceiling fans, mini blinds, window ledge crevices...

I use it for a lot of things. I had a hard time finding one I liked. The store carries plenty of them, but they are soft and just didn't work. The one I've had for a couple years now actually came from The Dollar Tree :o) They have everything, that little green store! I get a lot of church goodies, as well as schooling goodies there. Well, lots of housey things, too, like my little stiff-bristled hand brush. that I've shared my Martha Stewart moment, my week feels complete :)

See you Monday...or Maybe Tuesday...depends on if the Union here leaves Sunday or Monday :o)

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day -- and thank a soldier for keeping the small handful of 'independence' we even have left in this crumbling country safe for a little while longer. Flags are at half-mast for Sen. Robert Byrd, a worthy thing I'm sure...but perhaps we should have lowered them in mourning for what's left of our dying Constitution. That Declaration of Independence is pretty much just a crusty piece of tattered, yellowed paper anymore.

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