Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going to Have a Busy Sunday

We brought hay in today, and with the chances for rains all around us again, I can't take the chance of having them get wet.

We will be up/outside early-squirrely (about 5am...early for starting work here...) pitch-forking one bale between the feed areas. The others will be rolled from the trailer and rolled onto pallets along the other pasture area. That is, *after* we haul the 8ft pallets from the barn over to the pasture. Then we'll tarp the bales.

We also need to muck out the goat pens in the barn, and that will be a project in itself as we've let them go a while because of the heat :( I'm going to hook the box blade up and see if there's any way to scoot back into that side of the barn and pull barnyard out. Really really seriously *not* wanting to do all of this by hand. It isn't that I'm lazy, but it's still pretty hot here -- why we're starting so early -- and honestly, there isn't enough pain pills, mega ibuprofen or ointments here to help my wrists and forearms after that much work :( I figure I'll be out of commission a good part of the week after this manual labor.

You can't imagine how badly I want a bucket on this tractor. Or even gerry-rigged hay forks of some kind. We tried moving a bale on top of the bushhog once. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but she's just a shirt-tail 4th cousin twice removed by marriage where it relates to ideas around here some days. All we managed to do with the bushhog bale mover was pop a wheelie with the Ford 5500. THAT was interesting, to say the least!

So, hay bales and wheelbarrows full of barnyard...that's our Praise and Worship Sunday here :)

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