Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ahhh, Bill Collector Nazi's

Started off the morning with not one, not even two...but several calls from a rather rude and annoying "collections" firm supposedly on a bill from Dewey's surgery back in January.

I don't play well with rude folks.  I don't play well with telephone harassment, either.  Bully me?  Sorry, I fell off *last week's*  turnip truck, not last night's.  Come to think of it, it wasn't at night at was full, glowing daylight, honey.

I have yet to receive the final billing from most of Dewey's various doctor's surrounding the whole surgery thing.  Ugh...can't everyone just bill together?  I mean, really folks, it was just one hospital.  No, the doctor bills his own, the clinic he's with bills for their charges, the surgery clinic bills, the anesthesiologist bills separately, even the idiot after-surgery-care department bills separately.  Insane.  However, until I get notice the final out-pay has been made, I won't pay a dime to anyone.  I'm not going to overpay and have to fight and argue the insurance for some refund.  BTDT -- and won't be doing it again anytime soon.

Either way, here's this annoying phone Nazi telling me my credit rating is about to take a nose-dive because, by 5 pm today, this unpaid-in-collections bill hits my report.  Only thing this collections Nazi can do is accept full payment.  I say no.  Ms Nazi says I have to pay it.  Yes, I is a legitimate billed service...and once I receive the finally out-pay from insurance payments, and have an actual hard copy of the bill she is referring to, I will set up a couple payments to get it covered.  I have to (have to??) pay it today.  By 5 pm.  My future credit is going to be seriously compromised if I don't.  Hey, the sky might even fall down, who knows?

She can accept only full payment.  Honestly, it isn't much ma'am...just $480 she says...surely that is a small amount to pay.  I told her if $480 is a small amount in her world, they must be paying phone bullies a great deal more than my husband makes.  BUT MY CREDIT!  Obviously I don't understand what she is saying, because in these tough economic times, my credit rating is all I have.  I HAVE TO PAY THIS TODAY or I will be what...contributing to the US financial collapse?  Causing some poor schlepp a the various medical office to lose their job because they couldn't collect payment?  Cause this Collections Nazi to lose out on a bonus coupon for most collections this month?

First off, I don't buy that whole "credit rating is important' garbage anyway.  Never have.  My credit score is just a tool some bank president dreamed up to tell me I can't get a loan without paying enormous interest and blood from my first 5-born off-spring.  I don't deal with credit anything, and have no plans to, so to threaten me with a tanked credit score is a waste of breath.Puh-leeze.

I told her no, I maintained a polite tone (seriously, I did...), I told her I will *not* be paying this bill to this collections group today by 5 pm....or tomorrow...or next week even.  I will pay this bill to the appropriate medical office from which it was generated, at such a time as they produce a legitimate bill showing my insurance has closed the put-pay.....and have a nice day, but do not return a call to this number again or I will file a suit against your company for harassment, naming you specifically.

I don't like phones.  Interrupted me whole morning.  Though I do enjoy the goofy calls where they try to sell something to you because your number was selected in some drawing....I tell them I don't even have a phone, but thank you just the same :)


Amanda said...

WELL SAID! AGREE 100% and way to stand up for yourself while still maintaining tact.

4kids1mom said...

This made me laugh out loud!! Good for you! Those calls are rather annoying, and I too have never understood why "they" can't send out ONE bill. I completely understand how you feel, and where you're coming from.

Life of a plainlady said...

AHH! THOSE telephone calls! or rather the people that make the calls, you gotta love 'em!
The funniest call we received was someone trying to sell us the energy efficient light bulbs....we were Amish and didn't even have electricity. My husband tried to politely explain we weren't interested and the salesperson was so intrigued. Started asking if we were the people that built the beautiful furniture and so on!!!!
If I know it's a sales call I speak another language and that really confuses them.

P.S. Glad you were able to keep your tone polite :)

Greg and Donna said...

Unless something has drastically changed...medical bills don't go on your credit report anyway. Its just credit cards, utilities, etc. The Nazi's need some manners and a dose of truth serum wouldn't hurt either!

Paula said...

I like when the telemarketers call for duct cleaning. We say we don't have ducts (true). Then they try carpet and furniture cleaning. We tell them we have hardwood floors and no upholstered furniture -not true but it sure gets a reaction :)

Williams Arena said...

I once got a "nasty" letter from a credit agency for a bill that totaled $0. I kid you not... the doctor's office turned me over to a credit agency and the balance due was 0. No one throughout the entire process even bothered to look at the amount.

montanaprairiemom said...

I mentioned this situation to my banker husband. He said that once an overdue bill is reported, it can affect your credit score for up to 6 years. I'm with you. I dislike the tactics the collectors take. All you can do is all you can do. We have been in situations where we would pay as much as we could and we trusted the Lord and things have turned out well. May God protect you in this frustrating situation!

Anonymous said...

I really like your 'oh, sorry we don't have a phone, but thanks anyway.' bit. That's going in my 'file'.


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