Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went and bought a couple steaks for Dewey's weekend. I *don't* spend money on steak very often as they are just too expensive no matter how good they may be. But, what's one weekend meal for Big Daddy, right?

I grabbed a few jumbo shrimp for some kabobs, and we'll do some smoked sausage and veggies bbq one, and the shrimp and veggies ones. I think the children will like the sausage ones. We'll do some parmesean/butter corn on the cob as well, and while the grill is doing the work, might as well do up some brats and such to toss back in the freezer for quickie meals later on.

For the parmesean corn I needed more tin foil. When I did the inventory I noticed I was finally low on foil (after 2 years!). I didn't have anything to be in Tupelo for, so no run to Sam's Club, I grabbed a box at WalMart. SHOOT SON! When in the world did the Reynold's folks start making tin foil outta gold leaf??? That box of heavy-duty foil was near $8. EIGHT DOLLARS for tin foil?? When did that happen? What's up with that price? Has it been like that for a while now? That's ridiculous!

Maybe there's a drawback to pantry stocking -- price gouging a few years down the road, when you need to replenish, will drop you with a heart attack.

Other than that, it's just hot. Muggy, humid and hot still. Matthew's out mowing now that the sun has dropped. Tomorrow Dewey has to run to the shop, then he'll be home until he heads back early Monday. We'll cook out Saturday, rain permitting. That's the thing about this heat and humidity -- we have popcorn showers just about daily, or thunderstorms over night, because of the deep heat. Keeps my yard damp, which isn't helping the humidity level in here any at all.

Have a great Father's Day weekend! Here's a good article talking about father's...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks foil is way too expensive. It has slowly been creeping up here. And soda/ is 5.69 for a 12 pk of coke here...which is just insane to me. I stock up when it's on sale. I's wasted money basically but I need caffeine free diet coke daily. My son and husband drink a lot of sweet tea...but I am not a fan of that.


Stephanie said...

I buy all my foil and ziploc bags at Dollar Tree...I refuse to spend that much. Usually I use the Dollar Tree stuff as a stop gap until I get to BJ's. I get plastic wrap and foil there, that like you, will last me 2yrs or better, and it is restaurant grade.
Hope hubby has a fabulous father's day

montanaprairiemom said...

Well hi. I remember you from HSB. I have recently moved to blogger since HSB got complicated. Glad to find you here.

Denise (montanaprairiemom)


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