Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend End...??!!

Well, we started off with a bang -- Friday I discovered a huge, major, stupid oversight in the bank account. Big one. Near as I can figure (still) I marked a check as cleared, it wasn't, and things snowballed from there on me :(
My own stupid fault. I tend to use the bank's balance when I have checks to run...I of course keep my balance, but if there's a faux paux, I know the bank is gonna stick to their guns regardless, so I use their balance, deduct whatever isn't otherwise accounted for, and go from there. Typically, we're spot on so it isn't a big deal. Obviously I screwed this one up. A career in bookkeeping isn't in my future, trust me.

And it just cemented my rule -- which I broke anyway -- that you just DON'T run with the bank, period. The pay is automatically deposited, and I can't do anything about that, but for the household operating accounts I don't believe in using the bank. I stopped doing that when Dewey went back on the road with work, and it cost me. Lesson learned. Gotcha. From now on, my operating budget gets pulled Wednesdays, Thursdays at the latest, on pay week, and Dewey can play bank card bingo with them if he wants, but as for me as my budget, we're cash on the barrel-head, period. I knew better than to break that rule. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Saturday, however, we found some redeeming value in the weekend. We did our k'bob grilling, had a friend out to share in the feast and even managed to run the wiring at the camper and get it set up, lights, a/c and fridge. Haven't run thru all the water and gas lines, checked the holding tanks, or drain hoses yet, but hey...a/c works :) Life was good.

I say *was* not because it isn't good in general, just that the weekend wasn't finished with us yet. This morning, breakfast done, lunch preps underway, we sliced some cheeses and summer sausage to have with a huge salad. The cheese wasn't cold. It was cool...just not cold from the fridge as you'd expect. ugh. ugh. Triple ugh.

This fridge ain't but a couple years old. I'd have to look back here as to when our petered out and I relented when I couldn't convince Dewey to find me alternative methods, but I think he was in Arkansas the first time, so we aren't talking more than 2 years. What happened to appliances LASTING?? Our first fridge was from Sears, and I'm hardly what you'd call ancient of days or anything, but dad-gum, that baby lasted a good 18 years. I've gone though THREE since then if we can't coax this beast back into life. That's insane! I mean, I'd complain if I spent just a couple hundred and it didn't last more than a couple years, but we're talking a good $800 or better...probably much more on the 'better' side of that amount...and all I get is a measly couple years?

I won't buy another one. I'll dig a hole in the clay and build a cellar ice house or something, but man, there's a principle involved here. That's just not right. If you spend decent money and go out of your way to avoid junk, you just deserve to get more than 2 years out of something in the way of what I'd call a "major appliance". That's just not right.

The beast is empty and has been cleaned in, out, on, under, around, and all coils and whatnot. The freezer seems to be chuggin' along just fine and dandy, but the cool air just isn't making it through to the fridge much. We'll let it sit tonight -- trust me, even with the wall a/c on, if that baby's iced up it will thaw well before morning. I'm praying -- it's been empty and open all afternoon and we still aren't seeing a lot of coolness in there :(

We had the blessings of a weekend with Dad, a great cookout and friendly fellowship...and thank you for the camper wiring being ready to go so we have a small small fridge we can put those gazillion eggs in to keep!

And thank you for the weekend being over already! Not sure I could handle another day considering. What if the a/c was to...let's not even go there! :::shudder::: don't even want to entertain that thought path!!


Dana said...

I feel for you, honest I do, Its the same way here, once something starts going bad it seems it all starts going bad.

Only 3 burners out of 4 work on my stove, my dryer quit working, my roof is in sad sad shape and now I think one of our septic lines is broken because there is a wet spot in the yard that wasn't there before. Oh and my truck has a check engine light, Yeah fun times fun times!!!

Toni Maturo said...

So very nice to find your blog!
Refreshing and lovely!

Toni Maturo

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about the weekend :( Not fun to have one of "those" types. As for the fridge, if you have to get another, how about Craigslist? I got a great deal on a 3yr old washer and dryer on there when I moved. Might be worth a thought. Also might be a simple repair for your existing fridge.


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