Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday: Water Day and more...

We have 3 little kitten waifs in the house for a while.  We are supplementing their feed as their momma is a skinny little wisp of a cat and it was looking like 2 of the little ones weren't thriving at all.  So, they have a cozy little bed inside in a corner, momma has chosen to stay mostly indoors with them, and they are fattening up nicely.  She's a good indoor cat -- doesn't care for my furniture, doesn't even like the kitchen area at all, calm as can be...and I know when she's outside, she's a top notch mouser (well, mostly a frogger, but still...).

We need to collect water today.  Only have 36 gallons to get to top us off, but with the wonky weather lately and popcorn showers all over, it's not worth skipping a good water day and then getting rained out on the next.

The little bottle of Sweet Orange essential oil I ordered came today.  I was adding books to my queue at Amazon for ordering as finances allow, and a pop-up came from Plantlife Natural Body Care.  The Sweet Orange was rather cheap, so I ordered it.  I had seriously thought about the lavender and the peppermint (works great on wiping down counters, adding to mop water, etc. for killing those ants that find their way in...besides just smelling great!), but I stuck to my guns and went with just the Sweet Orange.  It's a small bottle, just 10 ml (.33 oz) and it's purpose will be in freshening my laundry soap :o)  Can you imagine the light, airy scent of fresh picked oranges as you climb into bed???  Oh this stuff smells delicious!  I wish I was ready to make the laundry soap NOW, but alas, my bucket is full so it will have to wait a bit.  Hmmm....wonder what all I can wash to use up some soap a bit more quickly?????

Over halfway through Columbus...I'm getting some more readers lined up to go along with the Jamestown and pilgrim lessons next.  I need to spend a good day online here and gather together some YouTube clips for various things, and do some searching out lapbook/notebooking ideas to add in, as well as crafts.  We are enjoying the Paths curriculum, but you know me...can't leave things "as is" -- it's an addiction.  I have to tweak!

I was reading a new blog (on a great bunny trail, as usual...) called Our Nifty Notebook, and there was an entry about the Carson zOrb microscope that uses your computer. I think this will move to our Wish List for sure!  What a neat little gadget.  We could have alot of fun with it, and best part -- it's rather inexpensive, at least as far as "microscopes" go.
I also bunny trailed over to School Outfitters to see what kind of prices on microscopes they have as well.  I mean, really, maybe it's worth spending a little on a quality microscope when I have another 14 years of homeschooling ahead?

We have a ton of left-overs this week already....big pan lasagna, meatball sub casserole, sweet & sour chicken....looks like no cooking dinner tonight!

I may try to hit the garden a bit today with the tiller and see what we can do out there.  I really think I just need a large 40x60 greenhouse out here in the backyard...and plenty of good soil to fill some beds.  The best plants we have going this year are the grapes....their arbor is covered, tented, with a tarp.  They have really taken off.  No sun burn on those babies!  I suppose I could tent and arch over every raised bed....but I think a traditional greenhouse would be a bit prettier.

Either way, time to get moving.  I've saved this post long enough.  Time to send it along once and for all.

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Blessedmom said...

It's funny you mentioned the sweet orange oil, i just made 5 gallons of laundry soap day before yesterday, and added a 1/2 ounce bottle sweet orange oil, it smells heavenly!


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