Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Mail...

I'm still, nearly 3 weeks, waiting on a couple of books from Amazon...but, a book ordered last week showed up today!

Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites, by Mimi Wilson and Beth Lagerborg.

Already scanned through quick and I'm gonna love this book I think. Of course, right off the bat, I'll have to double or triple the recipes (most serve 6, some only 4, a few go up to 8).

Along with recipes, you get a section for each on "pantry list" with everything you'll use, as well as freezing supplies (bags or containers, aluminum pans, etc.). Then they give you a shopping list of everything needed for that selection of recipes. And finally, the Assembly Order to process your goodies to prepare the bundles for the freezer.

There are menus shared a One-Month A and B, then 2 Two-Week cycles, Gluten-free 2 week cycle, a Summer 2 week cycle, and finally a Gourmet 2 week cycle.

I have another book on the same order coming as well. And maybe those 2 wayward books from 3 weeks ago will finally show up, too!

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