Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meats on Sale this week...

Normally I will buy from the butcher before the store, but we have some better prices on fresh meats at a small shop this weekend so I'm stocking the freezer with extra goodies.

Whole Beef Tenderloin -- 8.99lb
Whole Pork Tenderloin -- 2.59lb
Whole Sirloin Tips -- 2.59lb
10# bundled fresh smoked bacon -- 11.99
So...I can plan plenty around the tenderloins...hmmm, what's the best stretch and use of the sirloin tip roast?? We prefer our fresh chuck roasts from the butcher -- roasting all day or smoked outside, they are spoon tender!

The rest of their ad is just ridiculous pricing, but that's small town America for the most part. I'll still get a few things there over WalMart anyway. We don't *need* anything (aside from that powdered milk, which is cheapest at Krogers over anywhere else here), but opportunities to add to the stock is always a good thing.

The LDS lists for monthly focus stock-up includes:
powdered milk,
lemon juice,
vinegar and apple cider vinegar,
white flour,
baking soda,
Knox gelatin,
various tomato products,
and garden seeds.

We will stock water water water, of course. But adding a little meat might not be a bad thing.

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