Thursday, June 3, 2010

Annoying Start to the Day

Remember when I said (way back when...) that I live in a cave and I've obviously been out of the workforce loop far far too long? Well, I do and I have, no two-ways about it.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't anything earth-shattering at all, but it is totally irritating. I am definitely blessed to have a husband who has a job. Annoyed as I am, I still understand that.

But, I've not had a good, at-peace feeling about this job since he started. I don't know precisely what my problem was/is, but I've never had comfort with this job. I have some clues as to that ill feeling now, after a month of work, though...

Before he hired on they sent out notices that they were changing pay periods from weekly to every 2 weeks. *Before* he hired on. At all these hiring pow-wows they had, calling and chatting since January, doing their song and dance game...and at his near 2 hours at the office being talked to, brought into the company, ego-stroked and so on...while ON THE JOB FOR THE LAST one, not even chat amongst the employees, said word-one about the pay periods changing with June. Not a word.

Add to that, he's a Superintendent with the 3rd highest pay grade of the division (this company has like 6 divisions in the US), and he's just a tool-guy (LOL...he don't mind that part so and title without the headache)...he was supposed to head out from Texas Wednesday and his jobsite Superintendent didn't tell him. The shop called and wanted to verify his hotel and got mad because he hadn't left yet.

Little things like that, total lack of communication between anyone there, this "ooopps...we forgot to tell you the pay period changed and there's no check this week" --

I just don't have any peace with this company. It isn't like I'm wishing unemployment or anything, I just don't get the idiot game playing everyone does these days. It's just childish. Why on earth not tell "the new guy" what your boss says he needs to know? Is it that amusing to watch what might happen?

Childish high school stuff. Ugh.


Jennifer Hancock said...

Mrs. Smith,

I understand what you mean.. too many chiefs and not enough indians.. There is no respect between employers and employees anymore. They think that we will sit back when they make choices that will and do disrupt our lives and they know we will take it cause we need that job to live.. but there is no security at all. That is whats wrong with the nation as we know it.
Just remember God put him there for this season for a reason, even tho you may never know what that reason is.

Suze said...

OOoooh that can be difficult. My husband went from weekly pay to monthly pays three times during our marriage. Every time was without warning and since the wage was small it was very difficult indeed.

I hope things improve soon.

Life of a plainlady said...

Situations like this are really difficult for those who live paycheck to paycheck or have a strict budget they live on....something like this would really mess with a the plan.


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