Sunday, May 2, 2010

View from My Window

This has been the view for about 3 days now...rain.

Clay isn't exactly a conduit for water 'soakage'.

Ignore the odds and ends in the yard. We 'live' here, in the fullest sense of the word. Eight children tend to pull out things that don't need to be out...hence the boat's gas can standing guard there.

Anyway, we are flooded. Front, side, garden beds, pasture, barn...driveway and road, too. This is actually a better view, though somewhat less than representative, of what we deal with at least 2 seasons every year. I won't argue anyone, but from my perspective, Mississippi, or at least my portion of it here, has but 2 true seasons...1 is hot and wet, the other is hot and bone-dusting dry.

This is obviously not the dry season, heh?

So, when I say we are covered up in water, flooded, knee-deep in clay muck...all those many descriptive phrases I toss will have an idea of what I'm talking about. When it rains anything but a short-lived mist, the clay here holds the water on top of the ground. Even with a light rain, we have slop to contend with for a good half day until the sun or breeze takes care of it.

Rains like we've had the past several days, rarely easing to anything 'light' causes this. Everything looks like this right now. It will be at least middle of the week (if the rain stops today, that is) for the ground to be somewhat decent again.

Oh, I've mentioned we're half way up a mountainside, right? Did you know gravity doesn't work as well here in north Mississippi? All that pondering Sir Isaac Newton did...poor guy was obviously a touch deluded.

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