Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Farm Market List...

These are just some plans...you know me, I change my mind sometimes and tweak the details. I don't like pricing things, so these are rough estimates right now.

So far we are planning:
sun bonnets, pre-washed cotton fabrics, doll sized thru adult at $7 each or 2/$10
baby burpies at 2/$15 -- these are a generous. 18", shaped to contour the shoulder, made from cotton and cotton flannel, with a thin layer of natural fiber batting inside
aprons $varies we'll have adult, children's and doll sizes, 100% cotton
dishcloths or washcloths 2/$8 -- thick handmade, 100% cotton 'knit' or crochet
cup mats (coasters) at 4/$5 -- thick, handmade 'knit' or crocheted in 100% cotton yarns

And of course, breads and rolls, quick breads, cookies, various other treats, and even some jellies. I still have to price them...I hate pricing :o( I'm always afraid I'm asking too much. Any suggestions for pricing
wheat or white bread,
pumpkin, applesauce, cinnamon quick breads
Cookies by the half and full dozen
Brownies half and full dozen
Half-pint jellies...maybe pints

Any other ideas for goodies to offer? Most the other 'vendors' will be strictly home-grown produce, nothing "homemade" like we're offering.

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