Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I could count to infinity and I swear there simply wouldn't be enough numbers to cultivate a better mood for my day so far. 

I don't like stupidity.  I just don't have the patience for idiot games and yes-men.  If you have something to say, say it and be done with it.  This polite fuzzy footing around junk just chaps me.

Yes, the area is flooded and those were terrible storms and clean-up is merely beginning for the rural folks.  I know that, I understand that.  At least 6 people dead after the tornadoes and flooding in Corinth MS  They are working to get FEMA money and staff up there and into Tennessee, not to mention the Nashville area and the evacuations up there from the weekend storms.  I'm not conceited to think I'm on the list for service here, however, I'm being told repeatedly that they are fixing the road...it's a broken record.

What irritates me is being lied to, spoon-fed political garbage like the rest of the numb-brained folks.  I pay my taxes, I own my property, I don't create a nuisance for the county on any level (well, ok, not so much right at this particular time...but still, in general...I mean, if you forget taking the pictures of the county garbage truck buried in my road when I repeatedly requested they don't back-up on my curve...and forget the cave-in a few months back when I had to call repeatedly to get someone out to repair the missing HALF of road over the creek because my van didn't fit past it...but recently I've been quiet...really, I have...).  I really just want to be left alone to live as I choose and I don't even mind being secluded here.  I actually kind of like it.  Don't care much for the neighbors and their affinity for skulking around my property in the dark, nosing about to see what I have they might want for themselves, but hey, I can always pepper their heads through the timber, so whatever.

What I can't stand is the lying part.  I have been told, by the supervisor that the culvert was coming this morning and the road work would being today and complete tomorrow.  What are they doing at 4 pm?  Well, there is no culvert here, there are no trucks here, and they are off grading the next road, going up the mountain to church.

Grading the road??  I'm all for grading the roads out here.  Properly grading a roadway makes a larger profile and a safer roadway.  Got no problem with that, and these roads out here, well they are barely in condition to be called roads, even loosely, as it is.  I understand the concept of road maintenance, but this is not the time for it.  Yes, there are damaged roads all over this county district.  Most are washed of gravel, some have blocked drainage ditches, and virtually all of them this side of the mountain are having issues, but our particular road is about the worst right now.  We have no road.  It's gone.  It's not washed out.  For most of the other rural folks, in this county, their road damage is an inconvenience.  They have to make a detour and drive out of their common way to get from point A to point B.  I don't have that luxury.  That gaping hole, that is still caving in and dropping off mud and roadway into the creek, is the only access here.  There is no inconvenient detour for me.  I am stranded. 

Guess I'm just conceited....I fully believe that repairing my road is of way more importance than grading the other mountain road here, where there are no families at all. I don't live on a private lane here, it is a county owned, and thus a county maintained, road.  It's where my tax dollars go in this district/county, aside from the schools that they are closing down to relocate and consolidate into other districts...ahh, but that's a whole 'nuther story.  Right now, I'm tired of being told road repairs are eminent when they are playing giggles and snorts on an empty road.  ugh.

  No, I'm not some poor slump sitting here waiting on FEMA to swoop in and rescue me.  Please.  That's just way beyond ignorant there.  I just want a road...or I want them to say tough, get over it and adjust; the county is closing your road.  Either way, just man up and speak clearly instead of parading around like I'm some mountain dolt here.  We can cross the creek on foot if necessary, albeit on the neighbor's land and not via my own, and I don't have a vehicle over on the other side, but that's fine.  I'm just wanting a bit of truth shared, but I know I'm dealing with governmental pencil-pushers and the concept of "don't lie to me" is a bit above their scope and sequence.

It's just annoying.  If I had enough dirt I'd start shoveling in the blasted trickle creek slop and fix the road myself.

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B said...

Just a thought .... since these people, obviously, don't want to fix the road, any time soon. What about calling the local paper and having the missing road published .... if it makes the news, it might light a fire under their butts to get it fixed.


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