Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mappin' up the table...

That really thin and wispy Rand McNally map we bought is now gracing our dining table. Topped with a nice medium mil clear vinyl covering. All ready for marking exploration routes, finding countries and cities...eating dinner over the world.

Bet you don't have a view like we do now :o)

Ok...yes, I duct-taped the vinyl to the underside of my table, just for adding staying power.

I have 8 children here. We use our table.
No, let me rephrase...and emphasize...we *USE* our table.

We spend more time doing things at the table, around the table, even under the table, than we do anywhere else in the house.

Except maybe the kitchen.

Or maybe the bath.

I have one daughter here...the oldest one...She spends more time preening and cleaning in the bath than she spends anywhere else in the house, I swear! My tomboy has a high-functioning girly side. She wrangles goats and dogs all day...digs post holes, builds fencing...builds barn stalls...then scrubs said goat, dog, fence and barn sweat off (with the emphasis on goat -- Malachi has a serious fondness of her) in lingering 25-35 min showers. Then she has to check out the manicure and redo as needed. Barn work...and goat work...tend to produce nail work it seems.

At any rate, we *use* the table. For that map to have any sort of longevity it needed to be firmly attached to the table. Enter 3M duct tape.
Ahhh, duct tape. One of the 7 wonders of the world.

It is one of the 7 wonders you know...right there above WD-40.

And chocolate.

Well, it's below the chocolate. Just after Sonic ice and Dr. Pepper.

But...back on track...Columbus here we come! We're making our own fleet of ships to follow along, too. Not quite so creative as a duct-taped table covering, but still...we are using cut apart plastic cups, craft sticks, and construction paper. We made some as an experiment with Swiss Family Robinson...thought Columbus might like them as well.

Hey...I could, borrow...some of Tomboy Girl's assorted nail polish and paint up some plastic green army men to have on hand for the various wars and conflicts we encounter with history lessons! I need my kindergarten color blending chart -- she doesn't have very many "colors" so I'll have to be creative there.

Boy, the ideas are just flowing along today heh?


Suze said...

Thanks for the smile. As the mum of a high maintainence teen I enjoyed this effort. Have fun. You also reminded me of my days teaching blind preschoolers. Vinyl covered tables were the norm and the hose my best friend.

Love the ideas for using the map. Create on!

Stephanie said...

Duct Tape will save the world!! LOL!

The map looks great :) And fabulous idea about the boats!

Hehe on daughter's nail polish!

You go momma, those creative juices are flowing!

Lisa said...

Love the map on the table... we've done that for years and years! Love all your creative ramblings.
Have a blessed evening!


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