Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goats and Heat...Information Links

Here are some links - found strolling around seeing if there were any other ideas. So far, seems like we did what we can/should aside from bringing them inside. Dewey's not here...who'd know????

As to most folks not having this trouble much, I agree and understand. The idea of heat stroke in my animals was never really something I had to deal with. Sure, we had some pretty harsh heat/humidity days up north, but they were very short-lived.

And we almost always had some breeze. Even if only a light one.

You might think it's not as bad, dead, still and miserable here as I say it is. You probably figure I'm just being overly sensitive. Or a drama queen. I wouldn't take offense to that at all. Been called worse and lived :o)

Spend a Mississippi summer day at my house. You'll be way over on my side of belief, trust me. Down the mountain just a half-mile, there's breezes, actual air-flowage. Up here, nadda. Zero. Zilch.

So, 70+% humidity and a heat index of 103....that's an oven. That's my house. And my barn. And my yard.

Use the information as you can in the links...for *all* your animals and pets.

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