Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BP Oil Spill 2010 Update: Gulf Oil Leak Clean Up, Monday May 17 | NowPublic News Coverage


Three weeks! The amount of oil that's been billowing up under the Gulf has been dearly underestimated, the ecological damage is way beyond any spills to date.

And they are *still* standing around mulling ideas over?? Yippee-doo...they diverted a great deal now to a recovery ship. I agree with the common sense thinking folk...why wasn't the underwater rig just detonated three weeks ago to put a stop to the flow then and there?

We're that greedy that we'd rather watch the destruction of countless ecosystem structures, wildlife and more...for oil that could have been stopped three weeks ago.

Yep. What a great nation. Caring about our land and its people.

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