Thursday, May 20, 2010

Article: Preparedness Pantry - Water Contamination and Safety

They won't admit anything of course, but our community water system here was busted by the EPA for missing a check point. Several times yearly they are required by law to test the public water for various levels of what-not.
Well, by law, if they fail the testing, as well as if they simply don't test on schedule, they have to notify all water system members. We received a notice that testing for VOCs and other chemical compounds had not been done.
Sure, *technically* I can't say they failed, but still...Volatile Organic Chemicals tested pretty high in my tap water(hence the super chlorinated water I get to pay for I'm sure), they got a fine and a hand slap for not testing and that's it.
Being the paranoid sort I am, I'm fairly convinced that it wasn't their first time skipping the testing...just the first time (since I've been here anyway) they were caught.

Yeah...another bunny trail of sorts. Nonetheless, have you thought about what could end up in your water supply? A flood can do a lot of damage to a water system. Storms can take out power, which even for a short time can cause water issues.

The most important thing you can stock up on is water. Filling a tub before a storm hits is good practice. Adding gallons to your pantry is something you should already be doing. There are just too many things that threaten our water supplies these days.

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