Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well, an update for what it's worth

Three more weeks.

Rehab daily for "work conditioning" because limited duty/light duty is not an option.

Lay-off. Again, because limited duty just isn't an option.

So, we're at least 3 weeks from any income showing up here.

Who wants to do The Ultimate Off-Grid Frugal Month with me???
Rules would be easy:
Pay your few bills without income.
Eat completely, 100% from pantry stock (that's easy now, thank God!)
Severely limit -- pretty much to the point of non-usage -- all electric and house water
And totally shove animals out the barn on pasture grazing and free-ranging.

Hmmm...well, it won't be that terribly bad. I mean, we will cut back to zero footprint here, or dang-nab close to it. And the critters aren't in milk, so grains aren't a necessity, we can cut down and push more grazing. Water usage needs cut back seriously anyway, so threat of cut-off in the month will be an great incentive, right? Same with the electric.

And hey...been trying to get Dewey on at least the bumper of the live simply, move off-grid wagon...unemployment has a way of making you jump on there :o). So...we will have about $300 to stretch into 3 weeks or more.

Wonder if I have enough TP? Can anyone ever really have enough TP??


Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

What a great challenge. The first rule "Pay your few bills without income"...unless you have a surplus in your account or a savings account, that would unfortunately be hard for most families to be able to do.

This could be a good initiative to help spur each of us to be more focused on saving how and where we can to add to our savings. So thanks for sharing your challenge.

~Mrs. M

LizBeth said...

You're going to make it, Deanna. You will. The extra conditioning may be a blessing in the long run. Could cost you worse if he got back too soon. You're going to make it. ~Liz

Beautifully Veiled said...

Will be so praying. Things are running tight around here as well. (You can make "family wipes", out of old towels, etc. Lot's of people are now using them. And you can also make feminine hygiene products too. I do that one...) I've got a roll of paper towels tucked in a cabinet and won't let anyone touch it....They are so expensive if we really think about it!!! But every dollar counts! Keep us all updated. Linda in GA

Deanna said...

I was definitely being on the sarcastic side with that bill paying on no real income part. But yes, it's something most folks don't think too much about. If you were laid off this Friday -- and honestly, no one has what you can call 'job security' anymore, things are just too tight -- so if you were told Friday your job was over, what money do you have realistically? Savings? Maybe you could cash in some 401K or you might still earn a vacation check or so, but after that, then what? After a couple months, do you still have your mortgage paid? You car payment(s)? How about your utilities? Not to mention things like gas for the car, grocery needs, or what about credit card payments?

We don't have most of those payments, so we are better off than some, but we have bills that we need to whipo into submission and unfortunatly, we'll be doing it on a fast-track crash course it appears.

We have some odd scrap and such to load up and hail off -- dual purpose there, as income as well as clearing up the property. We have groceries a plenty, and water and electric are something we have a great deal of control over. Sadly, when it all settles around us, the cells and internet will be first to leave the budget arena here. But, there again, we're technically in a 'college town' when we go off the mountain here so the whole area there is pretty much a WiFi hotspot. And we have to go to town once a week usually...LOL, of course that's to pay bills which we might not be able to do...hmmm, a sort of circle there.

And there's blessings in being beyond simple, right? Practice for the future, test of skills and endurance and sanity, and distractions aren't there, flashing in your inbox :o)

I'm not going to stress over it. God has a plan -- I just need to get caught up to His Page :o)


Stephanie said...

Will be praying that Dewey's pt goes as planned. And I think you will do fine over the next few weeks. You have your "ducks in a row" so to speak already, and are so far ahead of other people who think they will never have a situation like this. Might be some grumbling from the troops, but they will survive.

The internet would be the big thing for me...when we first moved into our apt, we had to wait 2 wks for internet...I went to the library to use theirs, and while it is only a 5 minute drive, it was a pain. I don't have cable, so I get all my news and such online. But it would force me to get more organized about planning our homeschooling, since we use mostly online resources, and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. That wouldn't be possible with the no internet thing.

keep us updated how you make out:)

Katie said...

Praying for your situation. Your attitude is plain and simply...wonderful!!

My hubby lost his job a year ago (April '09). He's in the military, though and actually was set to go on a 4 month deployment. His military active duty time pulled us through, and he just this week started a new job. Like you said...God has a plan! Sometimes, the uncertainty is scary, but trusting in God and being in the center of the will is the safest place to be, right?

Will be praying for your hubby's PT/health and for the $ situation.

Needless to say ~ please hold off on the bonnets until a more feasible time, ok???

Blessings to you!

Scarlett said...

I know you will make it! I know it seems so hard right now, but on the other side of this hill, you will be able to say "look what we managed". Keep your head up honey. God will bless you!

Jennifer H said...

Dearist Deanna,

I will be praying for you and your family.. God willget you through this tme in your life.
I came across a blog that showed how to make home made lamps with items from around the home. - I used jean materal for the wick... maybe this would be a good school project for your children.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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