Monday, April 19, 2010

That Sweater Pattern

It's from an old CrochetWorld magazine, Winter 1992 if I recall.

If you're interested, email me or send a comment with your email address -- it won't be published, I'll reject it. Just need an email addy :o)

Dewey had his first lengthy, work conditioning PT visit this morning, then we had to run to Tupelo to the Verizon office to replace my house charger. All our 'local' stores are franchise stores now and they'd had charged me for replacing the cord, where going to an actual retailer ir was a simple swap because of our insurance. Annoying, those franchise stores. They charge me for paying my bill as well.

I started digging through some more stashed fabrics and found a couple pieces of flannel that looks 'baby like' for burpies, so we'll cut and sew a few more before I move back to bibs. After Dewey gets back to work I'll pick up more flannel remnants. I think we can put together about a dozen with what I had already.

I'm wiped out today. Think it's the rains moving in and out of the area. I could use a nap, but somehow, the rainy weather only seems to affect Mom and not the children :o(

Paula mentioned it was time to start the summer routine, with the longer daylight hours moving in. I agree. How many times can you say you wish you had more hours in your day and actually GET them? We haven't been getting as much done as we could, mostly because we just haven't had a Plan set up. So many trips off the homestead with his doctor and PT appointments do a number on our routine as it is, but lack of a plan of action daily certainly isn't helping either. We need to start making a plan and getting back on top of things.

Still don't know when the local Farm Market opens, but with Corinth being June 1st, I imagine ours will be around then too. There are also a couple roadsides folk set up at on Wednesdays/Fridays we might see about hitting as well. Wish we were located well enough to do something here, but then I wouldn't have liked this place as much if it was centrally located or less rural. We might ask about setting up one morning a week at the church parking lot...then again, there's that whole "money changers" issue....

Dinner tonight is Chili and a salad. Johanna made a huge batch of dinner rolls instead of bread today. I'm in the mood for some cookies...haven't had a snack goodie in a while!
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B said...

Thanks so much, Deanna - I would certainly appreciate getting the pattern from you. My email address is

<>< Becky

Sharmayne said...

OK, so is the sweater pattern for a baby for a lady??? Somehow I've missed something & am totally confused... if for a lady then yes please! Is all your current sewing for the markets that are coming up?? Hugs Sharm (who must have been half asleep the past couple of weeks LOL)


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