Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some Crochet Thoughts and links

I chatted with a friend over in Australia last night...hi Sharmayne...and we were talking cotton dishcloths...and bath cloths...and bath rugs.

I had found this the other day, from the Crochet Me site, where they made several washcloths in various cottons and put them to the durability and wash/use test.  Thought someone might find it useful...

I also found these little make-up remover pads...I'm thinking facial scrubbers, or even a small pot scrubber myself.

Well, honestly, I've been all over that Crochet Me site and found TONS of things to print and add to the wanna-do list.  There are all sorts of dishcloths like this Nubby one and this Sunny one and these wavy round ones and this looks to be a neat pattern to try.and this market bag and this one both look promising...and this Swiffer Mop Cover (well, dust mop cover...Swiffer just popped into my head...they don't know me and sure ain't paying me for advertising, LOL)

 If I can figure out where it went now, I have a pattern for a bath rug to print and send to Sharmayne...you know how that goes, you have it, you know you have it...but where on earth did you put it?!


So, Sharmayne, if I can't find it, here are some bath goodies and a bunch just listed under Rugs...from Crochet Patter Central.  And a Simple Cotton Bath Mat (knitted, though) here from The Purl Bee.  And I found a cute one with 2 feet on it over at Free Vintage Crochet...and that is certainly a site worth taking a longer look at as well.

Ahhh,,,there are just far too many great patterns and ideas out there and not nearly enough time to work on them all.  And my carpal tunnel will only stand so much...gotta pace myself.


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Stephanie said...

I couldn't agree more about too many patterns and not enough time!! LOL!!


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