Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How do you wake up in the morning?

Do you wake up naturally, or with an alarm?
Got a noisy rooster out the window?
Maybe just the sun coming through wakes you up?
Perhaps an old fashioned alarm clock?

Not me. I'm more 'country' than that. More 'out of the ordinary' than an everyday rooster. Alarm clock? Shucks no sister.

Me, I wake up to a burst water inlet in my bathroom.
Yep. Nothing like the sudden sound of, oh, say 3 or more gallons of water suddenly rushing out of a little ol' 5/8 inch valve behind the tank of your commode. Yessiree, that makes the best alarm clock you'll ever have. No winding, no battery back-up. Talk about rural and maybe even bordering on GREEN...fresh water, no, it was definitely what you'd call a white-water rafting sort of flow...still, very tree-hugger, crunchy, earth-conscience in a way.

Well, ok, maybe it wouldn't wake up everyone. Maybe it really only works to replace the alarm buzzer if the bathroom is directly off your side of the bedroom. Were it the children's bathroom, at the other end of the house, I'm not sure the effect of it all would have been near so condusive for waking me up.

Then again, my running full bore from here to there, hurdle jumping the gates in the pups room between here and there, hollering like all get out did get the olders out of bed with quite the jump.

And I didn't think I could run and hurdle jump at the same time anymore. It's been a pretty long time since I've had to do something like that. Shoot, my last gym class in school was like 5th grade. LOL, maybe all those years of ballet and interpretive dance 'stuck', heh?

No....I probably just ensured a dislocated hip or blown knee in my old(er) age.

Still, we were up and wide awake in far less time than is typical around here.

This morning, though, I opted for the alarm clock buzzer.


Blessedmom said...

oh no!!! what a wake up call! Don't ya just love mornings like that. I had a similar experience of waking up, only the noise was more like little bombs going off, I thought the house was falling down around my ears. Turns out, my dh had put a 12 pack of sodas on top of the fridge, and the end of the package gave way and soda bombs dropped one by one onto the floor, exploding on impact. Definately not the start to a pleasant day.

Stephanie said...

What a way to start the day! I usually stick to the traditional alarm clock, but have had moments like that...just a few weeks ago, I was woken suddenly (and 3 hrs early), but the sound of my dog nearly being sick on my bed. That is a great alarm clock!


Jeremiah 6:16
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