Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig...

We're home. Just ate dinner and have Dewey pretty much ready to go in the morning. Just need to actually put the clothes into the suitcase and take it to the car.

They just called to let Dewey know that he's not driving back Tuesday for his doctor appointment. They can't 'spare' him missing 2 shifts to drive here and back.

They are going to FLY him from Texas to Mississippi for his appointment and back. Thus no missed shifts.

I'm probably way out of 'tune' with the world because that is just absolutely INSANE in my thinking.
I mean, I suppose I understand his being needed at work and all, but to FLY him to and from a doctor appointment just so he can get his release for full duty work? That just seems, I don't know, maybe a little 'above' our so-called station here.

I live in a cave. It shows more and more, doesn't it?

Oh, and as he has a "smartphone" cell phone already they are going to give him a phone supplement...LOL, it breaks down to some odd 16 cents (yep, cents) per hour. LOL! That's like $20 a month phone costs. I'm not laughing at their generosity for paying on the cell, but to break it down so it's more readily worked into the daily book-keeping at less than a quarter? Hey...not to look the gift horse in the's near a full quarter when OT is involved.

So, off tomorrow to go battle the work field and Union fun and giggles in Texas. This ought to be an interesting month. Oh, and I do have more peace with it all now. It's all in your outlook and attitude, I know. Of course that's only where I'm at now, today. Might be a bit off this 'peace' mark wjen he actually pulls out of the driveway tomorrow.

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Jeremiah 6:16
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