Saturday, April 17, 2010

End of the day...

Fish is in the freezer. There were 51 fillets in all. Definitely a good catch.

I finished a chocolate brown dishcloth and ended my cotton stash, so I moved on tonight to just some pretty busy work. This is some of that Bernat Jacquard yarn. I really love the colors. This one has such a lemony yellow in it. I don't know what I'll make. Might just keep going and add block upon block of the Jacquard colorways they have. It's just busy work. I should have a plan, so we'll keep pondering.

I made several bonnets and burpies today as well. I still need to get some pinafores cut, but it's been a good day with some progress. Time to relax quietly tomorrow.
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Greg and Donna said...

What a great fishing trip. That will be some tasty eating in the future!

Stephanie said...

Love the colors on that! If you kept going, you could make panels and attach together for a lapblanket or afghan.

You ought to check out some videos for double-ended crocheting too. Very similar to Tunisian, but the hook has two ends and you can use two colors...makes it reversible. I love doing it, and it is easier on my bad arm that traditional crocheting.

Have a blessed day "off".

Anonymous said...

How lovely your blog and family tale is:). My sons are now almost adults and I so wish I had raised mine your way. My family is from Jamesport, MO, but I have always lived in California. Believe me, city living is NOT all its cracked up to be.
Broken for Him.

Sharmayne said...

Love the colours & the wool itself looks really nice. Why not make it into blocks & put together for a blanket. Hugs, Sharm (Australia)

Jen said...

Great catch of fish! I just came upon your blog today. I really enjoy it. I love the dishcloths. Do they really work well? I'm going to read more about these and give them a try. Thank you for sharing.



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