Thursday, April 29, 2010

Afternoon Ideas Here

I'd like to say it includes a NAP, but no such luck.

We have round 2 of Liz' batter bread rising for the oven. Maybe it's my climate, maybe it's wildly over-active yeast...maybe it's because I leave it on the countertop and not the fridge...but man, this sponge just has a life all its own! There's no way I'd try this overnight in the fridge. I'd never sleep. It would have my total attention and concern.

On the counter this baby rises like a champ...and seems to want more flour. Great bread, though, so hey, you just live with it and go on.

Maybe in the fridge it would rise much slower, being cool and all, but it's barely a couple hours in sponge mode and it's topping my bowls -- and this is Texas her you know, EVERYTHING in my house is large scale, including the mixing bowls. Smallest I have is like 10 qts.

But, like I said, YUMMY bread, so you live with it.

And, lest you think all that's happened is baking, we've also gotten 4 large packed loads of laundry to the line (storms scheduled through Monday, upwards of 8in rain at least they say, plus wind shears and And I've loaded up 3 raised beds and planted 9 tomatoes our friends at the feed store gave us. The final bed will probably be herbs. I'm thinking along those lines anyway.

And we've hit the feed store and filled the feed barrels back up.

Oh, and since we borrowed the cattle panel from the grape arbor that dies out last year, we pulled another from a pen in the barn and got it anchored back in place for the grapes. They are vining up great this year. Of course, they'll totally flood out now with this next storm, but maybe they have a good enough start this time.

And to the anonymous friend who said it's not really a big deal having my husband gone, at least he's working and it's hardly something to get upset over, in this family, husband and father being away from home IS a big deal, and very much something we get upset over. We are a family, a word that apparently means something very different between my definition and yours.
We don't believe in husbands doing their own thing and wives doing their own thing, and being apart more than together. That's not how we live, and it's not what we are raising our children to get into either. Families are more important than that.

Perhaps if a few more families got upset when a parent was absent and they worked harder at truly being together more than apart, things would be much better in our world. The generations coming up sure would be better off.


Mrs. M said...

Amen to your reply to the anonymous commenter. Isn't is funny how things like these are almost always shared by anonymous people. I think if you believe fully in what you write then it wouldn't need secrecy as to whom is sharing. But that's my 2 cents worth.

As for the bread...sounds like a winner to me. Any chance you might share the recipe or if you have, where can I find it? Thanks in advance.

~Mrs. M

Mrs. M said...

Whoops! I found the link to the bread. Sorry about that.

~Mrs. M

LizBeth said...

I take it Dewey got off okay. Sounds like you have been busy. Hope the next round of storms doesn't float you out of there. You'll need our wind to dry you out!

Glad you like the bread. I just leave the sponge on the cabinet overnight to do it's thing. It's fun to watch, hey! We don't have TV, either. ~Liz

Sharmayne said...

I second the AMEN to the person not game to leave a name, but hey, perhaps they will learn something from all of this, perhaps the comment comes out of jealousy - so to that person, whoever you are, I've said a prayer that you & your family may understand "when 2 become 1".

As for the bread, this sounds like a receipe I could use.... please.

And I'm not at all surprised to see you keeping extra busy at this time.... will be praying for your family & a change in venue for Dewey's work.
Hugs, Sharm

Greg and Donna said...

I agree with all of the above. I hate it when my husband is gone overnight or more than one night for work. And the kids hate it too. We are a family and families are together, but a lot of people don't understand that. Or they are ok with being apart.

Dana said...

Add me to your Amens on a family being together as a family should be!!

I also agree if your big enough to run your face then you should be brave enough to leave your name.

My husband commutes to work every day, albeit only an hour and a half away, he is still sorely missed if something arises that he may have to work late. My kids are very upset if Daddy isn't here to tuck them in at night, and equally upset if he leaves very early in the morning and they weren't awake to tell him goodbye as he leaves to go to work.

Isn't that the way its supposed to be?

To anonymus I think its out of line for you to imply that Mrs Dewey isn't pleased her husband has a job right now, in all honestly I'm sure she's over the moon,knowing they have much needed funds coming in and rightly so, but for her to miss her husband and her children to miss their father, those are real feelings and you to undermine that feeling of loss shame on you.

Dana- See Anoymus,I'm not a coward and I left my name.

Stephanie said...

Bravo for standing up for family!!! You have been a busy lady the last few days. Make sure you get some rest as well :).


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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