Friday, March 5, 2010

Spaghetti Making

Here's the recipe I used:

6 eggs (I used the entire egg, but you can do just yolks)
6 Tbs cold water
3-4 cups flour (this was about 3/4 hard white and 1/4 bread flour)

This makes approx. a pound, give or take :o). It's laid out on floured wax paper sheets to dry today. Hanging just doesn't work for spaghetti -- they tear and the cat gets to play with them.

I rolled them about 4 times at #1, folding in half each time. Then once through to #5 and let the sheets sit and rest until I had rolled them all out. Then I floured them very well and ran them through the spaghetti roller and here they are, drying for storage.


LizBeth said...

On the dream list: One pasta machine!

How do you know when it is dry enough to store? I have found some instructions that say to store NOT air-tight, others say absolutely an air-tight container. What works for you?

Glad to hear Dewey is doing so well. Hope the goats are all better, too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Do you use a machine to make them?

This is wonderful idea and if done homemade, they are just much better !

Thank you for sharing,


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Usually our pasta barely makes it for a lengthy storage, but typically I've stored spaghetti in baggies with the seal left open half or so. They tend to go into one of my food storage buckets that way. I've stored several bulk bags of the Amish egg noodles, just in plastic bags, in my buckets at length also. But as I said, they aren't usually a "long term" storage thing.

Yes, I have a pasta roller. Mine is an Atlas, but there are several brands. It rolls the dough with a crank, so I don't have to use the rolling pin -- much nicer for my carpal tunnel.

We can do, with the basic machine I have here, wide sheets -- left for lasagna, cut for various egg noodles and pot pie squares, layered with goodies for ravioli then cut and crimped, etc. Or I can roll through the other 2 sections for fettucini and spaghetti.



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