Thursday, March 18, 2010

Resources for Struggling Learners

Here is a great sharing about those hidden homeschool issues many of us don't share about.

On our end, I don't know what resource looks better! I think we are going to start setting aside and saving for Handwriting Without Tears for Jacob and David...Jacob the Wild :o) hates writing, and struggles constantly with copywork and his letters. Has ever since he was burned.

And David...well, he's my south paw and I'm totally messing the boy up trying to reverse my own standing and pencil holding and all that so hecan learn a bit better and perhaps easier.

So, being tucked away for a couple levels of student andteacher HWT books :o)

Have any struggling learners in your homeschool? You might want to check out the article and see what they've shared.

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Dawn said...

I have grades 3 and 4 that I am finished with. You are welcome to them. Just e-mail me the address and I will drop them in the mail. They do work well for children with learning issues. My Christopher has Asbergers and handwritting is difficult for him. There is a flow to the way this program works and his skills have really increased with using it. I can read his writing now.
In Christ
I tried to e-mail this message, but it wouldn't go through. You don't have to post it as a comment I just didn't know how else to let you know.


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