Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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There are some great recipes here worth tucking away. And, yes, I will add them to the Kitchen blog...slowly and carefully :o)

Rainy today here...mud is back in full force.
Abscesses left and right with all the goats but my brush goats, and Happy New Year. Haven't heard anything back from the Vet on our 'gunk' yet, but I just can't see it coming back as anything else.

We're giving pen. shots right now to those we lancedto help with secondary stuff going on. And the Vet keeps saying Sulfa Boluses...I haven't seen anything for or against them, so we're doing them. Definite need on the homestead: a Bolus Gun!! Try fighting a 300# buck, even one as calm and peaceable as Malachi, by giving a monster huge pill BY HAND...er, FINGERS. LOL...it's an experience, let's just leave it at that.

Malachi didn't much enjoy the lancing this round, either. He loves Jenn, so he ran straight to her like a puppy. She got hold of him and all was fine. Then he saw us coming and that was it. He spun her around on her backside like a rag doll. Must have felt bad then because he leaned up against her lap and knelt down sort of nuzzling her. Talk about a sight. Big ol' smells-like-5-goats 300# softie rubbing his head into Jenn's shoulder!

When all was said and done he stood up with Dewey's full weight on him like it was nothing. We had laid him on his side to make it easier to work him. LOL...he's better than any lift chair :o)

So, I'm still wondering what to do here. Cull? I know that is probably the practical thing to do, but I'm attached...to the goats, sure, but to the expense of buying them as well. We just can't afford to begin again, and milk goats are so darn scarce around here. Yeah, I know...what's a batch of sickly goats worth really?

These are the things that just about make me want to live in the city without animals.

Forget the menu this week: I didn't do a lot of figuring this time...we are pork heavy :o)
Monday -- We had homemade sloppy joes and homemade buns
Tuesday -- Sweet and Sour Pork
Wednesday -- Broccoli and Pasta...with some ham diced up
Thursday -- pork chops (from the loin used Tuesday)
Friday -- homemade pizza and we're heading over to Alabama to Christopher's.

Too many things going on and easy meals are a good thing.

Enjoy the recipe sites!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really feel for you. I LOVE my goats, and couldn't bear to cull any of them. :(

We had problems here with grass seeds in the goats' mouths last summer, but we are going to spray the paddock this year and sow with oats for feed. :D

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Benjamin said...

Sorry, I missed your original post - what is wrong with the goats that makes them sickly? My husband is a veterinarian and I can sure ask him if he has any thoughts so you don't have to cull - although culling has it's place too, but if it is not genetic, untreatable etc, it would be nice to fix it. We have a sweet sweet cow being culled this week because she just isn't hardy enough in our ND climate!


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