Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Patterns for the Farm Market

I think I'm losing the whole 'farm market' idea. Really. Aside from some breads and other baked goods, how am I 'farmy' in my selling ideas?

Crocheted dishcloths, check.
Crocheted baby booties, and maybe some bonnets and a sweater or 2, check.
Sewn bibs and burpies, check.
Sewn sun bonnets, ina all sizes from 18" dolls right up to adults, check.
Maybe an apron...maybe.

And now I went and bunny trailed off and find THIS site full of neat cloth booties that whip up super cheap and super easy! And I love the soft bag basket. And...and...just go through the site. It's so neat and so full of ideas!

Maybe I just need to set up the table somwhere once a week and do my own thing? Dewey should love all these ideas...the fabric stash will surely take a hit, but he's always telling me I really should use what I have here before I go buy more...

I do aim to please :o)


Beautifully Veiled said...

Ok, so they may not be farmy...but you could do them in farmy fabrics!!! And that would be farmy, wouldn't it??? I love them!!!

Angie said...

omigosh - so cute and so easy looking to make! May have to add another thing to my list of things to make for the baby!


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