Friday, March 12, 2010

Mega Shopping Trip...

Has happened.

The menu laid out.
The various ingredients listed by recipe and amount and tallied up for an overal shopping trip.
The current pantry stock inventoried.
The current freezer stock inventoried.
The mega list adjusted with current amounts ticked off.

We have priced this menu listing at Wal-Mart, Krogers, Waldens (a local store) and Save-Alot.

And, as we're fully loaded busy around here, I'll leave you with a quick teaser...and fill you in with menu and what-not next week...

We spent $1300. I could have done better, I think, now that it's all said and done, but I'm happy and there's no regrets. We've done better than most smaller families, I know. And we've spent more than some our size or larger. But it's all good. I'm happy. The fatted calf has been put up :o)

The breakdown looks pretty good I think: Family of 11 eating on $217 a month ain't too shabby.

Oh could you imagine if I could make even a partial garden come to harvest here?! I bought too many store canned things...I have deep regrets there.

But, we certainly aren't going to be having grumbling tummies around here. And, realistically, there is a well-stocked pantry in most aspects well beyond 6 months in this mega shopping. The basics are there for a good year. The 'fluff' constitutes a 6 month fill up.

And there's your teaser. I'll share the menu list, a peek at the Food Storage & Pantry Binder, some pricing and the list we shopped with later in the weekend.

Unless no one is really interested...


Blessedmom said...

That is awesome!!! $217/month! Ok, so questions, do you order bulk grains, and if so from where, and is that part of this budget?

What do you do about milk? I know you have goats, but if you don't, what do you do?

And your meat that you've spoke of, is it part of this budget, and if not, how much did you spend?

I am in awe, even if all this doesn't count meat and grains, that's still awesome!


Beth West said...

Congratulations Deanna. That must feel so good! I can't wait to see the details.

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

I am certainly interested!!! Share away....

~Mrs. M

Greg and Donna said...

Please share...I am interested! We started our seeds today in little dirt plugs. Hopefully we will have lots of little plants to put in our square foot garden boxes.

Kathy said...

OH!! I cannot wait for the follow up post!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested!

I can't even feed a family of four on what you're spending a month. *grumble grumble*

Have a wonderful weekend,
Jillian ♥

autumn said...

please share!! I love this idea!

LizBeth said...

Deanna, you're a tease! You know good and well we're all interested! Have fun putting it all away now. ~Liz

Dana said...

Me Me MEEEEE!!! I want to see!!! lol

I would love to see all your lists and pics of all your stockpile!!

I would love love love to be able to stock up like this!!

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm definatly interested in this post. It has definatly made me think about deepening my pantry and stocking up a little more. A how to do it is always helpful so thank you for sharing.

shelley p
from over the pond

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Now that it is done...I think you did very well :)

Looking forward to the menus...


Anonymous said...

Hi !

Have been praying for you and your family with the animals problems. Please please don't feed your family animal grade food, it has fungicides put in there as there are different regulations for animal feed, even if organic which usually animal feed isn't.

Also there was heavy spraying back in the 50's of Diedrin (sp?) chemicals pesticides which are POP's and now banned in many countries . These were espcially sprayed in Missisipi , Alabama etc. They are not diminished with water and have a half life of 60 years. If you are downstream of this or have this in your soil, well water or etc this could be your animal problem.

Blessings in Christ,


Lisa said...

I'M INTERESTED!! (*Hand waving*) I want to see and hear it all!!

Anonymous said...

I am interested. Please share. :)

Debi said...

well it's later in the weekend, I mean really how long do I have to wait??? Where is your list and all the details.
I'm coming over to raid said stocked pantry and taking what I need here!!! Look out woman I'm Hungry.
Just kidding, I've got a huge lasgana in the oven right now that smells wonderful. Too bad I'm too lazy to go out there an make some yummy garlic bread to go with it.

Talk to you later, we really need to get together sometime soon.


Livin' out loud said...

Kudos! I have been shopping once a month for the last year...a yr ago I was able to spend no more than $250 a mo, now, however we at resting at $300 a month...I am always looking for ideas on getting this down!


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