Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Updated some School Ideas

over at our school blog.

Spring is here...well, this past several days, anyway.  Rains and storms moving around the rest of the week, but today, well, today it's nearly 70 outside.  Can't call that winter!  Not even down here.

We are looking at trying out some new ideas this summer.  I love the CM style of schooling, and I've always found great ideas and plans over at Ambleside Online.  So, this summer term, we will sort of blend an odd mix of textbook with CM.  I'm not ditching our Rod & Staff Grammar/English and Math.  We've bounced too many times in those areas and I have the gaps in learning here to show for it.  That is my spine, my core.  It is cemented in forever here, LOL.

However, that leaves a TON of variations to be had in the remainder of our schooling endeavors.  Science, history....just all sorts of things out there to tickle our fancy.

I've always loved real books.  I don't like twaddle.  I don't have time to sit and read pulp fiction and garbage.  I have too many things that need doing for trivial reading, and I'm certainly not going to teach that way.  Now, don't get me wrong, we have fun books...Hungry Caterpillar and all that.  Those are just plain classics in my mind.  Sure, not exactly what CM might look at in the same sense, but still, life needs an injection of fun for fun's sake once in a while...I just can't expect to live off it.

So, we are branching out with our summer term into some territory I want to really enjoy.  LOTS of reading...lots and lots.  And our onset of nature study putting my Handbook of Nature Study to practical use and not just reference use.  It's the absolute BEST homeschooling book I think we own.  I can't imagine not having it here.  It was the best expense of money in our homeschooling library to date to be sure.

We were set today on beginning at, well, the beginning.  However, the more I roam and rejuvenate myself with nature study blogs and the like, the more I'm thinking that is what we always  I need something a bit more structured.  LOL...well, you know what I mean.  We like free-range, but a fence now and then to keep us on our pasture is a good thing as well.

So, I have notes and links all updated over at A Plain and Simple Homeschool if you care to pop in and share your own thoughts.

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Greg and Donna said...

Hey Deanna,
The link goes to your kitchen blog not homeschool one. Just wanted to let you know. Wasn't the weather great today!


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