Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lion?

It's supposed to rain today.  March 1st.  Does that count as "in like a lion" in the folklore saying?  I hope so.  I should check out the Almanac and see what March looks like around these parts.

We have been busy this morning.  Johanna made doughnuts for breakfast, that and bowls of oatmeal and a glass of milk and we were off and running.  Well, really, there was some running before that.  Morning chores dictated a feed store trip first.  Someone over-fed dogs and goats here this weekend, and didn't say until yesterday we needed more feed :o(  So, the day started earlier than breakfast.

After getting the kitchen tidied and middles/youngers started on some workbook pages, we dig right back in and made another mess.  We have the menu ready for the week...that included needing lasagna noodles, and some of another size for a tuna casserole.  Lasagna noodles are drying on the end of the table, fettucini size are hanging in the kitchen.  We also have a couple pans of brownies and 2 of the applesauce snack cakes in the works.  The game plan for the week is simple: (I can share recipes, but they are just plain and basic stuff...)
Monday -- Spicy Sausage Bake
Tuesday -- Meatloaf
Wednesday -- Tuna Casserole
Thursday -- Lasagna
Friday -- Homemade Pizza, I think.
Saturday -- ??
Sunday -- pot roast or pork loin
I don't 'plan' lunches as those are usually leftovers or sandwiches. Breakfasts are standard fare here with limited choices....oatmeal, eggs of some sort (could be fried, scrambled, breakfast burritos, etc), biscuits & gravy, pancakes or granola.
I just walked through the recipes we just did up and went with what was already in the freezer.  LOL...I'm full of ideas right now after writing out all those recipes!  Donna...thanks!  I will definitely check out Staples next trip to Tupelo and see if I can find those recipe holders.  I'd love to have them organized into some sanity at least :o)

We are trying to stay ahead of the rain and get another round bale forked into the barn loft, too.  That's always fun.  The weekend was spent doing some 'spring cleaning' outside in the yard.  This is about the only time I will tackle anything like serious raking.  There are vines of all sorts around here, some ivy, some poison oak, honeysuckle, some like a hummingbird vine...and somewhere in all of that, there is one that has kicked my behind 2 years in a row now and broken me out in a horrible rash.  I'm not a 'doctor' kind of person normally, and I don't really do much OTC stuff either, but after battling that rash on my arms, legs, shoulders and face for a month or better without finding the slightest relief, I went to the Clinic and ended up with 3 rounds of steroid shots and antibiotic creams.  It was NOT fun and I won't repeat it this year.  I'll work my behind off out there until the tiniest of buds begins to show then forget it -- those vines can take over the world for all I care.

Rachel, the goat, had her abscess again -- not totally uncommon when you lance one.  Well, in the middle of other things, she decided to try climbing through the cattle panel and into the goat pasture with her buddies.  She rubbed that abscess just right and popped it back open.  UGH UGH UGH.  Definitely not what I needed to happen.  It was still "contained" but UGGGHHHH!  We had to drop everything and deal directly with her and the cleaning.  The pen was scraped down past several inches of dirt, although there was enough bedding in there the small amount of gunk that dribbled out never made it to soil...her fencing was scrubbed with bleach and rubbed down with alcohol...and the lump was squeezed, prodded, suctioned and any other manner of draining we could come up with.  It's packed with a Betadyne-soaked gauze strip and was filled with peroxide and Betadyne before that.  She is duly annoyed at her humans now, and will be segregated longer thanks to her impatience.

I am beginning to check over the other ladies out there and it appears we have no more babies this season, unless someone pulls a trick rabbit from their hat :o(  Guess it's for the best only having 1 in milk with all these troubles with abscesses, but still, it's a little sad.

Well, Dewey has a PT appointment in a bit, time to get back to moving forward.  My cell phone decided to pop its roller ball this morning, so I'm essentially phone-less.  Not a bad thing, but I miss the ease of mails and notes.  I put it away and will get it off to be repaired soon.

Here is a link a friend shared with me...Self Reliant Moms forum.  Enjoy!

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