Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Doings...

We finished a lot of laundry. I need another bucket. Maybe I should just get the small water trough set up. Duh. Makes a lot more sense than the trash can. Live and learn. Still, a lot of laundry was done and hung out.

And the electric bill came. We've managed to drop down to $145 now. Might now sound amazing to you, but we've never, winter or summer, seen a bill much below $350. Yes...for a trailer, no less. I've gotten down bit by bit over the past year. I remember doing the Happy Dance when the bill was $250! I'm about ready to go shoot fireworks off in the front yard for this latest bill!!! You just can't imagine.

I didn't work more on the sweater yet today, but I did get some sewing done. Some little panties for Miss Emily that I'm not happy with, but are passable. I need to tweak the pattern more yet. Also whipped up some easy, simple bibs for the farm market basket. And 3 new summer bonnets for the girls. I want to do up another set of bonnets yet.

And Plain Pam ( left a comment on our laundry in a bucket sharing, so I followed her back to her blog. I'll be making more visits for sure. Just a quick peek and I have a quiche recipe to add to my files here, and she shared an easy beginner's shawl pattern (knitting) and her favorite knitted dishcloth pattern. Very encouraging visit and all I did was glance around! Imagine all the inspiration I'll find when I spend some time there.

Tomorrow is more laundry, more sewing, and finishing some schooling for the week.

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Dana said...

Congrats on your electric bill!! Is that a monthly bill or a bi-monthly bill if you don't mind I ask.
Mine just came this week as well.... Its almost $66 less than 2 months ago- ours is every 2 months, but it is still over $300.00 for 2 months.

We are no where near off grid infact this entire house is 100% electric I sure miss my wood stove we had at the other house, maybe again some day, maybe!!



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