Thursday, February 4, 2010

Visiting the Vet...

It was time...again.  I know, I feel like we are living there lately.  It's one of those things that's needed once in a while.  I guess we are just catching up.

Here's my list of Vet needs so far:
  • puppy shots...6 puppies, actually lined up for that.  Round One today with some of them, Round Two with others.
  • a 'scratched cornea' and needed some ointment to treat it.  Ugh...I really need to bone up on animal herbals :o(  I'll just add that to the ever-growing To-Do List I suppose.
  • Andrew, the house cat, in serious need of neutering.  It's certainly that time for him, the wild thing.  He's also being declawed to protect my new furniture...and the hallway door frame he has taken a liking to.
  • 3 goats to be dehorned -- I don't have a tool for it, the Vet will do this very inexpensively for me, so I voted for that route right now.  Need to get the tool here, though, if we are going to have several goats here with kidding and all.
  • 2 young men to be wethered...yes, I know, I know.  We could do this.  It's not rocket science.  There are several methods, but I'm too soft.  I'm just too soft.  It's a trade-off I'm willing to make to have someone else do it, and as there's no one else here, the Vet is it.
  • 2 females to be spayed.  They have each produced a litter of beautiful pups and that's all well and dandy, but the world doesn't need more puppies, and we are definitely 'dog poor' out here with the drop-offs and such.  I do what I can to find them homes, but there's hardly a shortage of dogs out there.
All in all, it won't be cheap, but it won't be too bad either.  Neutering/spaying isn't but about $40, shot series, wormer and well-check is about $25 per dog (and we're getting a "litter" discount...that's always nice), the goat 'stuff' won't be but a drop in the bucket.  It all just makes for a hectic day, getting everyone there and such.

And I dropped off the van for a new windshield.  I've been babying that thing for several months, watching a thin 'run' make its way down one side and then keeping an eye on the two rock pecks that started to spider on me during the ice storm :o(  Might as well use the government's forced savings ( refund) and get it taken care of now, as well as pay the month's bills up and get them out of the way.  I would have loved to have spent a chunk of it on mega garden beds here, complete with real dirt and not this red clay, but priorities, I guess.

The verdict is still out on the Paths of Exploration and Light For The Trail purchases.  Should have bought them first, but like I said, priorities.  



LizBeth said...

Don't know what the requirements are in your state on windshields, but here we run to the auto store or WalMart and get a windshield repair kit before we do anything else. Sometimes it will stop runs, if you catch them quick enough. My husband has already fixed about a dozen gravel hits on his windshield. They don't even show. Before we knew about the kits (about $10 each, does several spots) we paid a glass company $35 to do the first hit. We can still see that one, but it hasn't spread.

Sharmayne said...

I would have been pretty certain that with all those animals you would be using the old hay & droppings to help improve that soil of yours Deanna.... yes, I know, you just love it when friends tell you how to do something... esp with all the time you have on hand! LOL

Anonymous said...

You might consider the concept of "lasagna gardening", if you haven't already. It helps build up beds with refuse material, such as leaves, straw, manure, etc. Just a thought after your comment about the clay and dirt...


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