Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have found some really good links for Purim...then the computer ate them :o(

One site we were at was Heart of Wisdom's Biblical Holidays Purim pages.  We recently received the Family Guide to Biblical Holidays from a friend (Thank you Beth!!) and have enjoyed reading through lightly so far.  I think we will begin with the spring days coming up, starting with Purim, and follow a study through the year as the seasonal holidays progress.  Seems like a great way to get more out of our devotions and bible studies here at home.

I don't know anything about the Old Testament days....Purim, Passover, Unleavened Bread, etc.  Of course, I know a little bit...I am certainly well aware of the story of Esther, as well as Passover, and I know what the unleavened bread entailed, but my knowledge of most of these are extremely limited.  Face it, you just don't hear about these things in any great detail in the churches of today.

So, we have read a bit, and are excited about some of the ideas for Purim...the Mesloach Manot or food baskets, the Hamantashen cookies, maybe even the masks and costumes.  We have the movie, One Night with The King, coming from Netflix -- but you can watch it here online.  As well as a Veggie Tale on Esther.  We even found some lapbook helps.

We found some great pages for crafts and well as some pages at chabad's pages for kids...Torah Tots...and Purim Family Stories...and we were somewhere else when the post I  had ready sort of disappeared :o(

Do you celebrate of follow the Biblical holidays?  What will Purim (beginning at sundown February 27, 2010) look like in your family?  Have any resources to share with us to make our study better?


Linda said...

We've been learning about the Biblical Feasts as a family, as well.

We are loving learning about them, and have started to celebrate some of them. Working our way up to all of them.

Thanks for the links, I haven't looked for any printables for the kids.

We are enjoying Jewish food, also. I have a cookbook, the Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook.

Lots of excellent recipes, it's also an excellent resource, as it has info about the holidays, too.

Beth West said...

You are welcome! Funny thing, Purim is the one holiday that we haven't really celebrated yet. Maybe this year would be a good time to begin. Blessings to you.

Sharmayne said...

OK, now to be totally honest, this is the first I've heard of guess I'm about to go looking to see more about it myself.

Wholesome Learning said...

WE so love Purim! I am going to dress up like Queen Esther and my daughter like Queen Besther- who doesn't exist- but she likes to rhyme:) BTW- We are have having a free online Purim Costume Party over at currclick
based on our Feasts curriculum~ if you would like to join us- we have over 200 families- mostly newbies at the Feast stuff :)!
Shalom and thanks!
Evonne Mandella


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