Monday, February 22, 2010

Preparedness Pantry - Creative Storage Solutions

Preparedness Pantry shared a great post on creative food storage no matter what size your home may be.

.....One of the greatest challenges many people face when building their food storage is inadequate space. Very few people have an ideal situation to work with.
No matter how small your home or apartment is, or whether you own or rent your home, a pantry is possible. It may take a little creativity and ingenuity but it is possible to create a pantry system to suit your needs.
Start by looking for small areas around your home or apartment that can become "mini-pantries". Food stores best when kept in a dark, cool, dry place so keep this in mind when looking for storage spaces. You also want to try and store your food at a constant temperature, so avoid areas such as the garage where the temperature can fluctuate.
As you walk around your home look for areas that can be cleaned out, rearranged, or where boxes or shelves can be added to provide storage. Be creative! Don't limit yourself to spaces normally considered cupboard space or pantry space.....

Visit the site for the creative ideas and storage tips, and be sure to check through the archives for a ton of great posts and delicious recipes. Add their pages to your bookmarks or better yet, your Google Reader so you can keep up to date with all they offer!

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