Friday, February 26, 2010


After sorting all...well, most anyway...of my scraps, I built some simple 9-Patch blocks with a pile of 3.5 inch scraps. Just mixing around the scrap blocks I have, certainly nothing 'organized' or fancy. But, it knocks out several squares...34 of the 9-Patch blocks when finished. That's a respectable number of blocks. No, I don't have any plan beyond putting this first step together yet. You know how I do things.

And with several smaller pieces, I squared off my scraps for the Cathedral Window blocks as well.

I have a binder and such gathered here and will get to plodding through the Food Storage and Pantry Binder as well this weekend. We have the 30-Day menu plan we already use, and with a few more meals here and there, some recipes gathered, the current pantry and freezer inventory and my mega shopping trip worked out, we'll be ready to go soon. I'll post some photos when it's pulled together, but the links I've shared already are where I'm gleaning, so it will pretty much like everyone else's binder :o)

Ever had the UPS man brave your mud-ridden roadway to bring you a huge case of toilet paper? I have :o) My SIL uses one of those online shopper things...hers is called Alice, I've no idea exactly what it is, but I'm guessing it's much like Amazon shopping and so forth, for grocery items.

Well, she sent a case of TP to us.'s not that it isn't appreciated...and I'm sure our UPS man didn't have clue one, but it makes you wonder a bit...

Given our 'net-bound' world today where so many people do all their shopping online and commerce being much less hands-on and cash-bound anymore, what sorts of things are transferred to and from in the world of FedEx, DHL and UPS? I'm sure TP up a rural muddy road is just another everyday thing for these folks.

I can't help myself :o). I just never in a million years would have dreamed of the man in the big brown box truck delivering me some toilet paper. LOL...makes you feel sort of like a "queen" or something.

A TP Queen ;o)

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LizBeth said...

Hey! I've come to appreciate UPS, too. Can't even get tapioca at WalMart now.


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