Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creating Storage when you don't have any...Our Pantry

The pantry was the bath end of the long master bathroom. We don't need 2 bathrooms here.

I know...some folks would die without a second bathroom, especially in a large family. We just don't need it, but I did need a pantry desperately.

What's that saying about "Necessity being the mother of Invention" -- that's our motivation in a great many things around here.

So, no big garden tub and a shower stall removal later and viola...pantry space.
We have those heavy-duty wire shelves that hold about 100# per foot mounted in there. In the shower stall area we will just place 2 free-standing heavy-duty shelf units for deep shelving/storage.

My home-canned goodies get packed back in the jar boxes so I have a flat, solid surface for stacking 2 layers high.
The large 5 gallon buckets of things like beans, flour, sugar, oats, etc go under the botton shelf.
Those #10 cans will go on the bottom shelves of the free-standing units.
We will have a set of 5 gallon buckets in that re-worked kitchen island...flour, oats and sugar for daily use.

Other spaces for storage we have or have used:

Underbed storage tubs fit my 50# bags, at least one. And the left-over spaces are filled with odds and ends...extra spice containers, toothpastes, shampoos, etc.
We even lifted the beds that sit low and stored things. You gotta do what you gotta do :o)

Before I had my church pew at the dining room table, I made a bench using my 5-gal buckets and some scrap lengths of board. I covered the board with a bit of padding, stapled the fabric over it and viola -- bench seating :o). Easy to get in and out of when needed, pretty much disguised to outside folks.

Buckets stack very nicely behind a couch. Covered with a pretty length of fabric, maybe a couple picture frames here and one would know it's not a fancy table. You could stack at least 6 5-gallon buckets behind a typical couch along the wall (3 long, 2 high). If you have a loveseat along a wall, you can do the same there. Even if they aren't against a wall, draped with fabric and set up with a few knick-knacks, no one will be the wiser!
Same with end tables or coffee tables, or nightstands...Dewey cut a piece of board for me to lay on top of my stacked rubbermaid tubs, I draped fabric over it and set the lamp on it. The wood gave me a more stable and usable table-top.

Any corner, any small space that can house a rubbermaid tub, or even a trash can...a lot of things can be packed and stored that way then camoflaged from other folks.

I don't have a basement, or a garage. The climate down here is not suited to storing these perishable things in the workshop or barn. Everything needs to be inside...along with 8 childre and 2 adults, assorted clothing and school needs...and everything else that we have to make life what is is for us here. LOL...we are STUFF GLUTTONS here. Were we ruthless with the purging, following the 1-in-3-out rule of purchasing things, we'd be living in a vast expanse of SPACE instead of squeezing around and dang near stepping overso much stuff.
Being a stuff junkie is a really bad thing.

In a mobile home, maybe moreso in one with 10 people living in that 1440 sq ft space, storage is something you have to create for yourself. There isn't much built-in, so you adjust and do what you have to.

Whatcreative places or ways have you stored things so you could be well-stocked with essentials and wants? Clothing, food stuffs...fabric stashes, scrapbooking supplies...all that stuff you have?


Keeper of our Home said...

I found your blog from the Christian Keepers at home group and love your little blog corner of the world. I am so impressed with your creative space organizing. WOW!

~Mrs. M

Greg and Donna said...

Sounds great! I don't have a pantry either but Greg "invented" one for me. Took a cabinet out of the laundry room and we put one of those industrial shelves in there. Also, cleaned out a small broom closet and added shelves. I do store my grains in the utility room off the garage, they are in buckets with gamma lids and I haven't had any problems. I cleaned out a cabinet in the bathroom for my fabric stash, stashed under hubbies pool table!

Blessedmom said...

Very smart...I'm just now starting to stock food, and my kitchen space is limited for sure, so we have all our food storage in the coat closet, in the laundry room, and I'm quite sure we'll be following suit before long of covered end tables and what not...One thing we recently did is take the wasted space of a formal dining room and make it into a library...It just doesn't make sense to be having a table just sitting there only to be used a few times a year. We do what we gotta do...

BTW, where do you buy your buckets from, I'm trying to find the cheapest option here.


Beth West said...

All good ideas! LOL, we store a lot of our bulk foods in one of our bathrooms and unused shower/tubs. The basement would be good, but floods in the spring and fall and is terribly humid in the summer. Seems there should be a way though. Thanks for the pictures.

Stephanie said...

I have a "back room" off my bathroom where my washer and dryer and freezer are. It is pretty large, just trying to get my "stuff" out of there that got stuffed in there from the move, adding more shelving everywhere, and stocking up. So far so good. Maybe I should post a picture when I am done, on my blog, like you did.

I like the idea of using buckets with boards for shelving...shelving is SO darn expensive.

Great ideas and thanks for sharing your picture/plan.


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