Friday, February 26, 2010

Binders, Lists, Menus...lots of links!

I gave up on the quilt block stitching.  Blasted cat won't stay off the top of the sewing machine and he's pulling my thread all over creation...while I'm trying to sew.  :::sigh:::  I gave in.  Silly cat is now just sitting in the window, apparently bored that I gave up so easily.

So, the next project waiting in the wings revolved around the Storage and Pantry Binder.  Now, I'm not really a "household binder" kind of person.  You'd think I was...I'm a list-maker and all...but I just don't go for the whole binder thing.  They do seriously look like they would work rather well in most areas and most households, but  I don't know, they just don't seem to be a "fit" for me.  Even Stephanie at Keeper of The Home has a cut and dried, simple binder. That is more my style I think.  Not that I don't like all those fancy, prettied-up, decorated and color-coordinated homekeeping binders everyone started getting into.  They are pretty.

But, I need something organized for the food and sundry storage around here, as well as the menu planning and pantry usage.  A binder seems to be something that will work in this instance.  Who knows?  Might end up with more organization that I plan on.  There are always ways to do the same thing online, like SpringPad (I'm just checking that out...don't know much at all about it) and ListPlanit (where you print off lists), but I do like something tangible...something I can take along on those shopping trips.

Menu Planning:
Well, I do have a 30 day menu list, but I also tend to switch things up alot.  I get bored in the kitchen easily.  I found the 90-Day menu plan at Prepared LDS Family interesting as well.
a free Menu Planning E-Book.
Here's Passionate Homemaking's Winter Plan....and Spring Plan
I have the great list Becky shared about their own food storage, and I worked on that making it something better for our usage.
Passionate Homemaking also shared some great thoughts on menu planning. And some inspiration.
And a planning sheet from the Utah State Extension offices.
Organized Home has some great planning tips, as well as several pages worth printing for the binder.
They have some great articles for the pantry and kitchen and shopping. And a great read through for planning your menu and inventory making. And a great page of links for recipes site, as well as their own recipe index pages.
The LDS Preparedness Primer...I am not interested in the doctrinal notes throughout most of it, but it does have many pages of plain usefulness in there.  The lists and suggestions are great and well worth taking note of.
I have recipes.I am a cookbook junkie, first off.  I have gleaned so many great recipes and stashed them on my kitchen blog.  I have a great soaked wheat bread recipe stashed away, The Magic Mix recipe, homemade soaked noodles, Keeper of the Home's condiment making sharing,

I have several great online sources of recipes (Keeper of The Home/Your Food Storage Recipes  Everyday Food Storage RecipesBetter Times Online CookbookThe Nourishing Gourmet recipe index and a great post on soaking grains, Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday with several bloggers sharing their weekly menu plans, Hillbilly Housewife (new site) and the original site, Frugal Abundance, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, Organized Home's Freezer Cooking pages, Tammy's Recipes, Homeschooling a Handful recipe index, notes over at Nourishing Days, Kelly The Kitchen Kop, Refrigerator Soup, and Real Mom Kitchen blog.

And, no, this is hardly a full list of what I might use.  There are TONS of recipe sites I like to visit.

It's the internet folks.  There isn't any reason you find the menu planning boring.  Myself included.  There's just too much out there! There is a GNOWFGLINS ecourse you can do to take any confusion over overwhelmed feelings out of eating the Nourishing Traditions way. 

I've also been reading alot over at Keeper of The Home lately, and she has great lists and printables there I will be using this trip 'round the pantry binder.  Menu Planning here and here. And a Baby Steps Menu Primer as well.

I have a pantry inventory worked up...I have menu sheets and monthly planner sheets printed off, though there are an awful lot to choose from out there, like Graham Family Ministries pages, ...I am checking out the 'popular' coupon sites everyone seems to be talking about, like CVS (we have one coming here in a few months), Kroger...(and their partners, Cellfire and Shortcuts) and I'm sure there are others -- anyone want to share?

So, I have alot of work yet to do, but I'm getting there.  I won't include all my recipes in the binder, but the larger scale ones, the standards, I might.  Specialty recipes (like those condiments, Magic Mix, etc.) I will keep handy.  Well..back to more printing and lots of handwriting :o)


Blessedmom said...

Hail to the TP Queen, lol. I laughed nearly right out of my chair.

I am giving the menu plan from saving dinner a try, I decided recently I was doing too much at once and my brain just can't keep up. So I simplified the menu planning and bought Saving Dinner's frugal menu mailer.

That's a first for many that I'm taking a step back and simplifying things for myself before I get major burnout. Thanks for sharing your links

LizBeth said...

I'm with Blessedmom! My brain can't keep up with it all. LOL

Stephanie said...

I am so not a menu planner, although we eat the same things each week lol. And I am probably the most disorganized homemaker there is...have tried the whole binder thing, but it just isn't for me. I have a hard enough time keeping up with "trying" to plan schoolwork.

I do however need to get the freezer and pantry printouts from the Organized Home website so I can keep track of when we are low on stuff.

Be blessed and don't stress too much.


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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