Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wood Cookstove Bread Making

Ok, theselovely loaves of wheat bread...6 of them total, plus 3 pans of rolls...were made by my smart-alec 14 year old :o)

She got the cookstove fired up, which in reality isn't as easy a task as that may sounds, then made her batches and kept the fires and dampers under control and baked some delicious...and hole-free, as she very very quickly pointed out, wheat bread.

I'm still working on fine-tuning my fire levels and damper tweaking.

And she pulls it off second day.

I'd like to take credit for a good job is kitchen training, but she pretty much comes by that naturally.

Yes....I suppose I could say the same for that smarty-pants come-back mouth, too.


LizBeth said...


Rose said...

If it comes so naturally to her, why not just let her do all the bread making and baking? Makes sense to me.

Scarlett said...

She did awesome!!! We had a woodstove when I was a kid and I so miss it. Give her a pat on the back from me. Maybe she can teach you!

Dana said...

Beautifully done!!

I think its wonderful you are training her in the kitchen, so many young girls aren't even interested in these skills these days, even more wonderful that she comes by it naturally!!

Love the blog!!

Jeanne said...

Please have her post how she does it I have tried and just can't figure it out how to do it at all. We could all be blessed by her knowhow...


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