Friday, January 29, 2010

Saw the Doctor this morning...

in the middle of a sleet storm.  Literally drove a whopping 35 mph on the main highway to get there.  Even the log trucks were creeping along, and that says something about  how nasty the roads were!  Those loggers get paid per drop-off...not necessarily per load...and they FLY down the highways around here doing at least 80mph. 

Either way, we crept in on ice skates and had the bandages removed.  Hands-down, there will be about 6 weeks of physical therapy after this first 4 weeks of no movement.  So, we know there isn't work coming our way until around the start of April.  That should prove interesting.  Thankfully, after just 4 weeks now, the company he works for had enough of the paper-chain game with the insurance and we have the short-term disability in line until the end of February now.  We will have to get an extension via doctor forms to go past that, but all in all it will pay for 13 weeks -- right up to the 2nd week of April.  Thank you Lord for that!  I took the first check and restocked some gaps in the pantry here and today we paid off some of the pending bills for February.  I have a nice comfort level right now with all of this.  Was also able to pick up 5 gals of kerosene for the lamps here :o)  If the next wave of ice storms moves this direction instead of heading into Memphis, we're all set warm and cozy :o)

I've seemingly set some folks on edge with my Super Bowl commercial posts.  I've had at least 3 folks email to tell me I have an unChristian attitude toward my fellow man here with this topic at this time, and I'm sure they actually meant other topics at other times as well as I do seem to have that special effect on people, and they simply wanted to let me know -- anonymously, except for one lady -- that they were removing their name from my Followers list and their Reader so as not to connect themselves with me.

I'm sorry if that isn't totally upsetting for me and isn't producing the sort of rebuttal post you might expect.  I am who I am folks, attitudes, convictions and well, flesh and mouth.  I'm glad to see there are at least a few of you perfected out there, but I have this particular area of serious struggle (3 guesses as to what that area is...and your first 2 don't count).  No, I don't take pride in my attitude, especially as it rubs folks the wrong way as it so obviously does, but it's just one of those areas I need work with. 

Some days...and not to pat myself with some happy feelings of pride here...I actually have it very much under control.  You can probably guess at the glowing emails I receive, just about daily, here.  Some are nice enough, some are exhorting as they feel they should be, and some are just plain ignorant folly spewed out on a keyboard and sent with me as pure bait.  Honestly, I do for the most part ignore that dangling carrot, but the mule in me simply gets hungry once in a while :o(   My flesh gets ahead of my better judgment and God gets moved aside while I forge on ahead myself, dragging a bouncing cart behind my yoke.  I admit it.  It happens.  Truth be told, I'm sure I'm not the only one with that issue, but I'm not throwing stones at anyone here.  I'm just honest and rather vocal about it and that upsets a great many people.  I don't say that to somehow point a boney finger at anyone else, it just is what it is.  I have faults.  I have alot of faults.  Ask my family.  They'll tell you about bunches of them I'm sure.

So, I went on whipping my cart around, kicking up dust and forging ahead today with the emails and comments received.  So, to those who have retracted their following here, I apologize.  I don't candy-coat things and I am deeply, deeply, lacking in tact quite often.  There is very little of a meek and quiet spirit here and I am aware of that.  I am also very much aware that Christians tend to be the only army group to routinely shoot their already-dead just for the sport.  Telling me you don't like me is fine and dandy.  Not everyone likes everyone else.  This isn't high school, Barney isn't singing in the background on my blog.  I fully understand that I am not liked nor thought kindly of a lot of folks.  That's fine.  I'm not here to be liked, though I suppose that would then beg the question as to "why blog" in the first place. 

Either way, sorry to offend, and I actually suppose you won't even see this, as you've left me in the dust of your departure, but I've made my peace now and the ball is out of my court.


mrshester said...

...I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that should Barney EVER be singing in the background on your blog, that is when I shall retract my "follow-ship" with you, sister ;)

You aren't alone. I wonder if the winter weather doesn't make the skin on some folks a little thinner than normal? I have lost a few of my husband's extended family from Facebook. Apparently my encouragement to them to seek God's guidance and just words intended for comfort were taken as me judging them. But whatever, I guess...I've apologized profusely and cried all the tears I'm going to cry over the matter. Good to know I'm not the only feather-ruffler...even if we dont' intend to be...

Rita said...

Mrs. Smith,
I am sorry about the hard times you are facing right now. I must admit your comments make me smile:)

I am somewhat different too and others like to let me know it. You are brave I keep quiet most times and simply go my own way.

Please keep being yourself.

Valerie said...

Well you just can't please everyone can you? We had snow and ice here today and I got caught out in it. It was so scary because we are not used to this kind of weather.

Beth West said...

I'm glad you made it safely home from town this morning.

I didn't think your post was at all offensive. I think sometimes people are just looking for a pretext to take offense. Seems to me that is their issue, not yours.

Anonymous said...

I am very glad that your Dear Husband is recovering well!

At the same time I am very distressed that people have felt the need to chastise you for having said what you feel about the Super Bowl commercials. While once in a while one will be pretty, I find most of them are not good represenatives of the company that has had them aired. Many of those companies are not ones that I patronize in the first place, for a variety of reasons.

I feel that those who have departed are the ones who have the unChristian attitudes. If their own attitudes really were so perfect they would forgive you rather than complain and leave. It is sad that some people are "Sunday Christians", intolerant, and biased. I feel sorry for them because they are clearly showing their own true colors.

Blessedmom said...

Glad to hear you guys will be able to pay some bills and all, and don't worry about commenters, they're just looking to get a rise out of you. Praying for Dewey's shoulder, and that he is healed quickly!


Arla said...

I thought your post on the super bowl commercials was great. I even read part of it to my husband and we had a few chuckles over the truth of it. Again tonight we have chuckled over this post too. Deanna keep up the good work.......I love to read your geninue heart speaking.

In Christ,


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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