Monday, January 18, 2010

Foggy Mountain? We got it.

It's been warming up quite a bit here and this morning we were greeted...and still are...with a pretty dense fog here.  Can't see diddly out here.  Dewey is on the way to the shop to pick up some paperwork and he said it's much more clear as you get off our 'mountain' here and get out to the highway.  We sort of hold it in, between the various ponds and mountain flora I guess.

I'm sewing today.  Getting some aprons finished, and getting a dress for an order measured and cut.  I have headcoverings to get finished for a couple orders as well.  Plus, just regular ol' family needs, as usual.  I won't even post my sewing list anymore.  It never changes.  We always have something needing sewn here.

Our little guy, Daffy (the black chihuahua/terrier mix) needs a Vet visit today if I can get out.  We've been watching a hernia he has, the Vet was hoping it would simply work out on it's own...something about it being something from birth, like a typical umbilical hernia.  Plus Daffy is small...really small, and surgery just isn't something he's ready for yet.  But, he's been sort of quiet more lately and I want to get it checked if I can.  Of course, I say that and the little bit of fluff and bones is hyped out bunny-hopping from one side of my legs to the other wanting on my lap.

Well, back to sewing.  We haven't done our reading yet today, either.  Math facts were knocked out earlier, and some spelling.  What we really need with the youngers is some good copywork time.  David, being a southpaw, is having some issues with lettering, and Jacob, well, Wild Child is just sloppy.  He doesn't like to write.  He'd rather do anything besides write.  KatiAnne has always been a writer.  She copies everything...even the script-written name of her ink pen!  She's definitely the artistic one in the younger group...I think she'd do well with going straight italic here.  She will probably be a calligraphy art sort with later school papers. She likes the flourishes :o)

I have no idea what I'm making for dinner.  Pretty sad when I need to thaw something as well as get the cookstove fired up well ahead of time!  I'm thinking something like a big salad with some smoked turkey and cheese, and maybe some loaded baked thawing involved there :o)

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LizBeth said...

Two of the very brightest people I know have sloppy handwriting. In fact, both of them still print - no cursive. One is 20, and the other is 50+. Don't be discouraged. I am partially disleksic, and doing copywork is a nightmare - looking back and forth from book to paper drives me up a wall. I almost feel sick. My little brother is seriously disleksic, and we just had to let him find his own path. The thing he could do best was read things in which he was personally interested. He was NOT interested in textbooks. Dad made a rule in our house that anytime my brother got wound up about something we had to sit and patiently listen to him read about it out loud. One year it was Charles Lindbergh and James Thurber, of all people. As for book reports in school, he made up the books AND the reports. They were more interesting than the stuff the other kids were actually reading. He couldn't write them out, so he would dictate and someone else would type for him. The English teacher didn't want to admit she had never heard of the books, so he got away with it. He marches to the tune of a different drummer, but he has started several private companies and done some very innovative things. I know Jacob is a challenge, and he is so fortunate to have a mom like you. It's not always easy being bright! You know that yourself, right?? Hang in there! Liz


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