Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Week at Homeschool Freebie:

Monday, Dec 14th:
Surviving the Holiday Season:

Feeling a bit "stressed out" over the upcoming holiday season?
Everybody experiences events and times in their lives that cause
different types of stress. No one is immune to this intense feeling.
But, when the holiday season pops up, so does the level of stress that
many experience. In this special report, we've got 16 helpful tips to
help you cope with holiday season-related stress,


A neat bonus specifically for homeschoolers which some of you
may have missed earlier. Check it out and see!


Tuesday, Dec 15th:
The Cinnamon Bear- The Final Episodes! (MP3 audios)

THE all-time classic children's holiday radio program, originally broadcast
back in 1938. Find out why hundreds of families make listening to the
adventures of the Cinnamon Bear an annual family holiday tradition!
This is a delightful fantasy adventure for listeners of all ages, with
great music, fun characters, and an engrossing (you-can't-listen-to-just-one)
storyline. This week we've got the final 8 episodes for you, so make sure
your kids hear them all in plenty of time for Christmas!


Wednesday, Dec 16th:
Family Holiday Memories (PDF ebook)

A fun & idea-packed guide to making memories with your kids during
the holiday season, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah
or Kwanzaa. Includes unique get-together & meal ideas, giving to others,
family traditions, budget tips, and more.


Yummy Christmas Candy & Fudge Recipes ebook!


Thursday, Dec 17th:
"The True Story of Silent Night" (MP3 audio)

Great audio dramatization depicting the REAL story behind the much
beloved hymn, "Silent Night". Excellent family listening for this
holiday season!


"Why the Chimes Rang" by Raymond MacDonald Alden (MP3 Audio + PDF ebook)

This is the simple, moving story of a little boy who wanted to honor
the Lord's birthday, and how an unexpected diversion caused his to be
the greatest gift of all. Accompanying this delightful book is an
episode of The Great Gildersleeve, in which Gildersleeve reads this
book to a crowd of children spending their holidays in the hospital.
It is a moving reading and a great story that your whole family will love.


Friday, Dec 18th:
Holiday Videos Treasure Chest! (all sorts of streaming videos)

Pop some popcorn, warm up the cider, gather round the computer
and join in the fun as we again present our annual collection of
classic holiday video clips, cartoons and other goodies for
your whole family! Don't miss these -
one of our most popular (and fun) resources of the year!

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Alexandra said...

Why the Chimes Rang...)One of my favorite stories to read at Christmas. :)


Jeremiah 6:16
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