Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Morning of Midwifery

Miss Cotton, the I don't like Buddy at all Great Pyr has popped out 7 babies this morning. She crushed 2 moving around -- she had them in the goats favorite bedding corner. Everytime they came near her she stood up and tried to move between them, stepping on the first babies.

Right now we're waiting to see if there's more coming. We took 3 to the house for a while to rub, suction and warm.

Jennifer, our eldest, has been 'midwifing' Cotton for a couple hours now. Cotton drops one, barely cleans it, walks around a bit and Jenn starts massaging and clearing the newborn. After a few minutes Cotton comes to Jenn, sniffs around and tries to grab all Jenn's attention :o) She has climbed into Jenn's lap a few times.

Everyone is now moved to the milk room with a heat lamp in there. Hopefully she finishes soon and starts taking care of these little ones. I will make a vet run and get some colostrum later I guess. Cotton's a first-time momma and she's not really putting attention into babies just yet.


LizBeth said...

She sure is pretty. And you sure do have a lot of dogs! You must really like dogs, huh?

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Well, we don't mind dogs at all. With 20 rural acres and alot of critters roaming around, dogs are a good thing here.

However, we are rural beyond rural here, and we are on a dead-end lane. Doggie Drop-off point for the county I think.



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