Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little House on The Prairie...Christmas Goodies

We Love The Prairie Primer blog has so many great ideas, YouTube clips great for science and other topics. She has done a wonderful job of gathering so many wonderful links and clips for her own studies, you can't enjoy The Little House series in your homeschooling more.

Here are some of the gathered links for ideas, crafts and recipes to enjoy a Christmas on The Prairie homestead-style:

We Love The Prairie Primer Christmas Links
Kath's Korner has some great links as well...and some other goodies shared here

Christmas Gift Ideas...Recycled and Homemade
Pioneer Crafts from K-3 Learning Pages
Laura's Prairie House...full of great links for all directions in your studies!
Here is a great homemade gift idea...a rag doll made from fabric strips. The girls are each making these to give to each other :o) There is a series of video clips along the side showing a sewn rag doll, too.
A great unit study starter on Laura Ingalls Wilder...there is also a nice one on quilts...and Beatrix Potter...each complete with book ideas to use along!
Those great links over at EasyFunSchool

We give gifts here. Sometimes there are store-bought gifts in the mix, but usually we try to keep it fun and homemade, with the children putting some thought into their ideas for each other. Anyone can spend money on gifts. It takes a lot of heart to put a deep thought into what someone might truly enjoy :o)

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Scarlett said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful links. My DD is 11 but I may try to make her a rag doll from fabric strips for Christmas. We are having a smaller Christmas and I am trying to teach the more simple living end of things with it!


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