Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guess What I Did...

See that picture? Know what that is? Know what I just did?

I just left the Post Office, ladies.

Those PIF's that have been waiting...those 5 ladies whose excitement has probably waned considerably waiting this long...those little packages are stamped and in a bin heading to the truck or whatever mode of transportation it will take to get them to their long-awaited destinations!!

Yes, they are mailed FINALLY...whew!

And, Sharm, my Homemade Christmas Exchange is on it's way to the Land Down Under for you, too :o)

So...PIF Ladies, let me know that they arrive :o). I hope you enjoy them...even if it has been so long in coming :o)


Blessedmom said...

I think it's quite understandable that you took so long. I mean you're not the least bit busy or anything. I do look forward to recieving my PIF. I think you and I both suffer from too-much-on-our-plate-itis. I know I do. I've vowed to not sign up for another thing until after the least.

Talk to you soon,
In His Grace,

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Cannot wait! I need to get mine going as well....I think I will post it soon. Like both you and Sara...I have too many pots in the fire as well. =0)

PS: I like the new well as the 3 columns.



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