Saturday, December 19, 2009

Down 2 pups so far...and Stolen Moments Cooking

These are the weakest in the group. They really slowed down on nursing in the middle of the night, so we sort of expected them to not make it. The only pure white ones in the litter :o( The others are all wearing pretty little masks.

After tending puppies most of the morning, I had to make a mad dash to town -- found some hay and for the first time in a l-o-n-g time, I left cash in the bank instead of pulling it all out. Ugh. See what happens when I deviate from the routine here? I hit the ATM because the bank was already locked up like Fort Knox and came back to grab the trailer.

After about 45 minutes of digging a nice set of matching trenches in the yard (read that to say I got stuck...really the clay muck...I told Dewey I was trying to get some drainage set up out there...yeah, I know...he didn't buy it either.) we finally got the trailer moving and were on our way. I met up with the man with the hay (round bales for $'s a good horse hay but my goats won't mind the lack of selection in the grass, they'll be happy) we headed home with 2 of them so far. I told him I'd definitely want to get at least 6 more, after the New Year passed.

Chicken Bruschetta
is in the oven, Dewey is on the tractor moving the hay into the fence before the goats decided to make a break for it. The fires are rolling and it's just about warm in here. The blower seems to be taking it's own sweet time today pushing the heat along.

Tomorrow we'll be cutting and splitting wood most of the day. Happy Birthday Dewey ;o) Fun way to spend your birthday, heh? We will get a cake made up and ready while he's occupied, and right now I'm thinking some Loaded Baked Potato Soup sounds like the perfect dinner...what do you think? Maybe Bacon Cheeseburger Soup instead? Or a nice piping hot Chicken Pot Pie Soup....I want some nice light meat for a change from venison and burger. Of course, next burger recipe will probably be this one...a Meatloaf Pie! Oh they have such great recipes over there at Cooking During Stolen Moments!

What are you doing this last weekend before Christmas? And last minute baking or gift making or shopping? I'm hoping to stay home. All day. Every day. Just the house and the barn. I've seen far too much of the world this past week. I'm wore out. I just don't fare well when I have to be out too much. I'm just a plain homebody.


Dana said...

What am I doing this last weekend before Christmas? Well I am homebound that is for sure as we are sitting here with about 18 inches of the cold white stuff and more is falling!! I have been baking pretty much all day, muffins and cookies, Cookies for Christmas goodie baskets and the muffins are for quick easy breakfasts and snacks for after the baby gets here, yep..... 28 weeks tomorrow and I am hoping the little one stays put especially with all this snow on the ground!!

Due to deliver on the 28th so maybe she will stay put till then!!

Any of your soups sound heavenly!!

We are having soups and cornbread tonight too, chili and beef veggie that I canned over the summer, quick and easy!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Hope you dry out soon, your poor yard!!


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

We are hoping to make shortbread (recipe from

Sorry that I can't leave a real link, but our internet shape plan is down to 64/64, and it has taken forever to just read my blogs.

Have a great week,

LizBeth said...

So sorry about the pups, Deanna.

Hope y'all have a sane weekend. Liz

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about the pups :(

We are trying to get last minute stuff done too before Thursday. Going to my parents on Thursday, Christmas at home, and then the kids go to Dad's for the weekend and Christmas with him.

We have been pretty chaotic around here lately, with 3 new additions to our home. My oldest daughter and her husband and 18mos old son moved in Friday...with little Miss Sonja to be born Dec. 29th. Lots of love and lots of adjustments. :)

Have a blessed Christmas!!

Kim said...

We are visiting some family one day this week. I still have baking to do..Just haven't been feeling up to it. A few more gifts to finish, although some might be new years gifts. lol

Dana said...

Oh I just reread my comment and I am 38 almost 39 weeks along not 28weeks, sorry!!


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