Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday & VCE Update

First off, the Homeschool Freebie of The Day is a 3-parter. First there are 2 MP3 audio programs for Thanksgiving:
Let's Sing About Thanksgiving is a broadcast that was used for rural Minnesota schools as a music program. There is even a PDF guide that follows along. We've been listening to it this morning -- fun stuff.
Baby Snooks Thanksgiving is the other MP3 audio program available. Daddy and Baby Snooks ate too much Thanksgiving dinner and both take a nap -- and have a wild dream.
And the final bonus today is the PDF version of An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott, which I shared a link for here earlier. A PDF is much nicer reading :o)

Now, one week left until Thanksgiving. I have to lay out the menu in specifics now and start my baking plan. And keep collecting cookies on the Cookie Exchange. I'm only slightly disappointed with the turn-out for that, but hey, it's early yet. Some of the bloggers doing a Virtual Cookie Exchange aren't getting comments as to who is joining along, so there aren't but a few cookies being shared. The websites I've visited have offered more than enough to widen my waistline, though, so I can't exactly say I'm feeling any sort of lack :o) Honestly, the only blogger I have found for THIS year hosting a cookie exchange (though I'm sure there has to be more doing it...) is Frugal Creativity.

So, there are some great blogs and recipes linked on my original Virtual Cookie Exchange post, but you might want to hook up with Frugal Creativity and let her know you are enjoying the cookie exchange she is sharing. And I will keep posting and linking here as well. In fact, I have a cookie coming up today yet :o)

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