Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MIddle of The Week Slump...

Oh I know that should say middle of the week hump, but I'm just slumpy today. It's dark gray outside, a tad on the chilly side, and we have to go to the spring to get water. Ahhh, joy.

I have several pictures sitting on the camera waiting for an upload. We really 'billy-ed' up the barn for the round hay bale they goats have. By 'billy-ed' there I mean hillbilly rigging. Probably offensive to someone, but hey, poor-man's ingenuity has always amazed me. I'm very much a stop complaining and find me a way kind of person these days. We could have gone to town, bought some wood, built a nice-looking round bale thingie-ma-juggy. But we didn't. We could have just built a sort of hay gazebo out there to offer some weather protection to the bale. But we didn't.

We billy-ed it right and proper.

I like cheap and homemade.

Anyway, off to gather water then come back and stoke up the fires to keep out the chill here and do some sewing and baking. My tension is worked out again...seems someone else around here likes to practice a form of ingenuity and they turned a flat screw at the back of the sewing machine and just plain drove me nuts the past few days with pulling out goofy looking stitches. I finally decided I am actually not ingenious by nature and needed the aid of the instruction manual. LOL...that took some search-and-find techniques to locate as I've not opened it in a couple years now. But all is well again, stitches look normal and we're back in business.

I've posted my Virtual Cookie Exchange goodies and linked up with Friendship Alley so everyone can share in the yummies being shared around blogland. She has a delicious sounding (and looking) Chocolate Chip Toffee cookie on there today with the link to the friend who posted it. OH BE STILL MY TASTE-BUDS...there are a TON of delicious recipes on that site. You have to go visit and take plenty of notes.

I may just be baking today...toffee chocolate chip cookies....ginger spice cookies....and I know I'll find even more over at Bake @ 350! I won't try to tempt you further...although I just found Cinnamon Caramel Corn (a.k.a. Cinna-Bun Popcorn) over at Our Best Bites.

I'm just sayin'.

Please share your cookie recipes and finds and leave a comment so everyone else can visit and, enjoy...along with you!

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