Monday, November 23, 2009

I's not even Thanksgiving...

The turkey hasn't even thawed yet...neither one of them...and here I go tweaking the blog template with winter stuff. And in Mississippi, no less. I haven't seen enough snow to build a respectable, or even a less-than-respectable, snowman in y4 1/2 years of being down here.

Of course, I haven't been attacked by an ice storm since then either, and apparently I have a far better chance of that happening than waking to find enough snow to build myself a friend in the pasture.

But, I'm a winter sort of person. It's just me. Maybe because I was born on Christmas Eve. But that was in California, not exactly a snow-driven state either.

At any rate, I tweaked and played and created a snow scene for myself.

I'm actually wasting time waiting for Debi to send me a recipe that sounded really delicious...she teased me, I can tell, because she hasn't sent me the recipe yet. She's like that. Sends me a link to the quilters dream sewing room some blogger, the pictures that lady shared! She did a sewing room re-do and I'm sure it was neat and all, but I was sort of stuck in one of those jaw-hanging-down moments just drooling over the TONS and TONS of fabrics this woman has. All folded nicely, pre-washed and ironed, color coordinated...TONS of it. Debi sends me that, knowing that while I like my Blackberry, I have killed my scroll button on it and it takes a while to maneuver about a blog like that, with all the great photos. She just thinks teasing me with that sort of thing is fun. Hummpphh. Then she tells me about this great 4-in1-cookie recipe she found in Country Living magazine.

And doesn't send it to me, doesn't post it herself. Just tells me about it. Ha ha Deanna....go hungry without these yummy cookies. I know how to make them and you don't. Neener Neener Neener.

That's how she is. You should go visit her blog and give her what-for...and ask for that cookie recipe.

just don't tell her I sent you :o)

UPDATE: Debi gave in to my continual pressure (LOL) and posted the cookie recipe so we can all give it a try. You know, she could have just made another batch and brought them over for me to try in real life....hint hint...

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